Vale S.A. informed that it has completed the de-characterization of the B3/B4 dam ("Dam" or "B3/B4"), located at the Mar Azul Mine, municipality of Nova Lima (MG). B3/B4 was classified with the higher emergency level in 2019, and in line with Vale's commitment to eliminating upstream dams, it is permanently free of any risk to communities and the environment. This is the 14th upstream dam de-characterized by Vale since the Upstream Dam De-characterization Program was created in 2019.

As additional actions in the remaining area, Vale will perform land reconformation works, implement a drainage system and revegetation. The backup dam built as a safety measure during the dam?s de-characterization works will be removed for the area?s reintegration, making use of all the material and mitigating impacts on communities and the environment. Since 2019, Vale has made consistent progress on its commitment to eliminate its upstream dams. The structures being de-characterized remain inactive and are permanently monitored by the company's Geotechnical Monitoring Centers (?CMGs?).

Solutions applied are compatible with each structure?s unique characteristics and prioritize people and environment?s safety. Independent audits and competent authorities continuously assess and monitor activities. As a supplementary safety provision throughout the de-characterization works, Vale built four backup dams to serve dams considered critical.