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Geothermal projects have been slowly but steadily increasing each year, with new players entering the market to reach net zero emissions by 2030. In 2021, thanks to its international footprint and extensive experience, Vallourec accompanied a wide range of clients in their geothermal projects around the world, establishing a solid track record in this important renewable energy market.

Accompanying new geothermal players in Europe

With ongoing development of several projects in Switzerland, the country is seeing a certain momentum and growth in geothermal energy at a faster pace than ever before. Vallourec is currently involved in two geothermal projects operated by EnergeÔ in Vinzel and in Lavey due in 2022.

Ensuring continued growth in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia produces 25% of the world's geothermal generation capacity. With most of this geothermal capacity located in Indonesia, the country ranks today as the second largest producer of geothermal energy in the world right after the United States. In 2021, Vallourec delivered pipes and connections to both established and new Indonesian geothermal producers.

Geo Dipa Energi, Indonesia's second-largest geothermal producer, turned to Vallourec for the supply of VAM® 21 connections and production casing for its two geothermal power plants of Dieng and Patuha.

Dieng wells produce water and vapor at temperatures ranging from 275°C up to 330°C, applying severe compression loads on production casing throughout its lifetime due to thermal cycles. For this project, it was therefore crucial that the premium connection selected complied with the TWCCEP protocol with an Application Severity Level (ASL) of a minimum of 290°C. VAM® 21 met Geo Dipa Energi's requirements thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and to very high thermal-induced tension and compression cycles in cemented conditions. Thus, a production string of 13 3/8 68.00# and 72.00# L80 VAM® 21 was installed. To read more about this success story click here.

Vallourec is also supporting new geothermal players in the area. In 2021, Vallourec won a tender to supply standard products for KS Orka's geothermal wells. KS Orka aims to develop and accelerate geothermal power projects in Indonesia with a target of up to 1,000 MW by 2022.

These projects position Vallourec as a key stakeholder and supplier of choice in a very important geothermal region.

Supporting closed-loop well projects in the US

Closed-loop geothermal systems have gained steam in recent years as they don't rely on nearby water sources to extract brine and can be thus installed virtually anywhere in the world. In 2021, a series of new closed-loop projects were launched in the United States and Vallourec was there to support them.

GreenFire Energy, a geothermal energy company based in California, uses a "tube-in-tube" system for their closed-loop geothermal wells with Vallourec's Thermocase® Vacuum-Insulated Tubing (VIT) as the key component. This technology, called GreenLoop™, injects cold fluid inside the center of the VIT. Once the fluid reaches the hot underground formation, it heats up. The heated fluid then travels upward through the outer annulus of the VIT and is produced to the surface, where it is used to power a turbine. After cooling to maximize efficiency, it is re-injected into the VIT, to complete the closed loop.

Vallourec first supplied its Thermocase® VIT to GreenFire Energy back in 2019. In 2021, Vallourec won a tender to supply Thermocase® VIT together with the GreenLoopTM technology to Calpine, the largest geothermal generator in the United States.

Back in October 2021, Vallourec participated for the first time to the Geothermal Rising Congress in California, the industry's flagship annual conference and exhibition, where we presented our portfolio of solutions for geothermal systems. We received very positive feedback from both current and prospective customers from our participation and we look forward to 2022's edition.

Thanks to the growing number of track records and our presence at key events, Vallourec is now in close discussions with numerous geothermal start-ups looking to launch new closed-loop wells mainly in the United States and in Europe.

Invested in new energies for the future

Vallourec is actively participating to the development of the geothermal industry, working on both traditional geothermal systems and innovative solutions such as closed-loop geothermal systems. The year 2021 saw a great many projects arise, further establishing Vallourec as a supplier of choice for both established and emerging geothermal operators. As geothermal production increases around the world, Vallourec is proud to accompany its customers in their projects, providing specialized solutions and services.

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