VERSES AI Inc. announces winning a research and innovation grant in the amount of €418,000 from the EU Commission and their Horizon Europe project entitled dAIEDGE, a network of excellence for “distributed, trustworthy, efficient and scalable AI at the Edge.” Artificial intelligence is becoming a major force in shaping the future of the internet and the world. By combining edge computing and AI (Edge AI), devices can make decisions in a few milliseconds by processing data directly at the point of origin without insecure connections, high latency, large energy overheads or costs due to transmission. Edge AI is therefore a pathfinder and accelerator for many new applications in areas such as autonomous driving, personalized digital assistance and intelligent service robots.

As part of the European Union's initiative "European Network of AI Excellence Centres: Expanding the European AI lighthouse," the main objective of the project is to create a Network of Excellence Centers for AI-based edge solutions. This network aims to support and ensure rapid development and market adoption of distributed Edge AI technologies, such as hardware, software, frameworks and tools that are reusable, secure and trustworthy. The applications of dAIEDGE are expected to be used in a wide range of fields, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent transportation systems, robotics and healthcare.

VERSES Global B.V. has been selected as part of a European consortium of experts in artificial intelligence, embedded computing, microprocessors, distributed hardware and software, computer science and engineering that will work closely together to provide ideas, tools, services, guidelines and trends to support the next generation of Edge AI technologies. VERSES Global B.V. is expected to lead and contribute to several working packages and tasks of the dAIEDGE project. This includes the definition of the AI lighthouse strategy, Edge AI application requirements and trends across domains and industries.

Additionally, VERSES Global B.V. is expected to provide a contextual model called Hyperspace Modelling Language (HSML) and a communication protocol known as Hyperspace Transaction Protocol (HSTP). VERSES Global B.V. is also expected to participate in use case scenarios in smart warehouse and smart city domains using AI at the edge.