VGP N.V. announced that it will develop the new grEEn-campus in Rüsselsheim for Opel. The project has been publicly unveiled at the 125 Years of Automotive Production at Opel anniversary celebration at the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany, in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. VGP will develop on a land plot of 105,000 m² an office building, engineering building and design center as well as parking lots, as part of the so-called grEEn-campus Rüsselsheim.

The campus will also provide space for recreation, café and meeting areas. The grEEn-campus is part of the historic Opel production site partly procured by VGP in November 2023. With a total area exceeding 700,000 m², the three plots of land in Rüsselsheim am Main represent VGP´s largest brownfield project to date.

Beside building the campus for Opel, VGP will develop at VGP Park Rüsselsheim tailormade solutions for industrial companies and small and medium-sized value-added businesses for which it currently has already some very advanced ongoing negotiations. In line with its commitment to responsible development, VGP will operate with care to optimize the benefits of the development for the local community in close coordination with the responsible authorities. VGP aims for an ambitious environmental approach for the park, committing to achieving a minimum DGNB Gold certification for all buildings.

In addition, VGP aims to prove the conformity of its property with EU Taxonomy. The new park will be largely independent from the grid as it will benefit from existing electricity facilities and water treatment and recycling services. Rooftops are expected to be equipped with photovoltaic panels and a geothermal system is projected to contribute to the facility?s energy and heating needs by 2025.