Viasat, Inc. announced that Lufthansa Group has selected Viasat to equip more than 150 additional aircraft ? across its Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian Airlines fleets ? with the European Aviation Network (EAN) in-flight connectivity (IFC) solution.

EAN combines S-band satellite coverage provided by Viasat with a complementary ground component network operated by long-standing Viasat and Lufthansa Group partner, Deutsche Telekom, delivering a service that supports streaming and other high bandwidth requirements. This announcement continues a successful, enduring partnership between the companies. Inmarsat, which was recently acquired by Viasat, has provided its Ka-band IFC service to Lufthansa Group since 2015.

This connectivity solution is already onboard 240 Lufthansa Group narrow-body aircraft. The new selection showcases Lufthansa Group's ongoing commitment to driving an exceptional passenger experience, offering a consistent connectivity experience across its fleets, ensuring that no matter which route or aircraft passengers take, they can benefit from reliable in-flight connectivity. The additional 150+ aircraft include Airbus A320s, A320neos and A220s fleet types.

EAN is a unique example of European technological and regulatory leadership, which allows air travelers in Europe to benefit from an outstanding pan-European IFC experience. Additionally, EAN takes advantage of small, low weight, low drag terminals, enabling Lufthansa Group to unlock cost-saving opportunities and enhance its sustainability credentials. These factors were important in Lufthansa Group's selection of EAN terminals for their A320 and A220 fleets, to bring consistent in-flight connectivity as efficiently as possible.

Lufthansa Group airlines recently unveiled a new release of its onboard portal, FlyNet®, which will be accessible on EAN-equipped aircraft. The portal gives passengers the opportunity to login to in-flight connectivity using their Travel ID or Miles and More logins, and to access information from menus for onboard food and beverage, to duty free offers and advertisements. This further enhances the onboard experience for passengers, as Viasat's 2023 Passenger Experience Survey found that 83% of passengers surveyed would rebook with an airline that offered quality in-flight Wi-Fi, while 81% say Wi-Fi is important to them.

This showcases the importance of quality in-flight connectivity to passengers' perceptions of an airline.