Vicinity Motor Corp. announced a strategic collaboration with Lafarge Canada to electrify Lafarge's truck fleet and reduce their carbon footprint. Per the terms of the strategic collaboration, Vicinity will fill a crucial gap in the EV market with its purpose-built, custom-upfit all-electric industrial vehicle - the VMC 1200 - specifically for Lafarge Canada.

Designed to excel in aggregates and production sites, even in the face of challenging weather conditions, this cutting-edge vehicle sets a new standard for sustainable transportation in the construction materials industry. Lafarge Canada is initially deploying two all-electric VMC 1200 trucks in its British Columbia Aggregates and Ready Mix Operations, signaling a paradigm shift towards sustainable transportation solutions. This milestone represents Lafarge's commitment to leading the way in adopting electric vehicles in the industry.

As Lafarge continues to expand its fleet, additional VMC models will be integrated throughout 2024.