Indical Bioscience, the operating company within Vimian’s Diagnostics segment, has signed an agreement to acquire Check-Points. Check-Points is a Dutch molecular diagnostics company specialising in Salmonella typing for the food and veterinary market as well as antimicrobial resistance detection for human applications.

Check-Points is a Dutch R&D focused company that produces tests for two principal markets – food safety and human antimicrobial resistance. The main component of the business is related to “Check and Trace”, a unique product based on a microarray platform to accurately identify over 300 serotypes of Salmonella. The company, founded in 2002 with annual revenues of approximately EUR 2.3 million, also produces a number of DNA-based tests for the molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance in hospital acquired infections in humans.
Through the Salmonella test, the company principally serves producers and labs within the poultry industry as well as food safety labs. The human assays principally target in-hospital laboratories.
“The acquisition of Check-Points bolsters our poultry portfolio and direct-to-producer offering but also represents a first step for Indical into food safety and antimicrobial resistance segments. Check-Points has developed strong momentum in its core products and has an exciting R&D pipeline, with highly relevant development expertise that can support new projects within Indical itself. We look forward to working with the Check-Points management team to take advantage of all these opportunities”, says Stefano Santarelli, CEO of Indical Bioscience.
“Joining forces with Indical will allow us to extend the worldwide footprint of our unique, innovative products. We are excited about this wonderful opportunity for our company”, says Pieter Vos, CEO of Check-Points.
The acquisition will have a marginal impact on Vimian Group AB's earnings per share in the current financial year.
About Indical Bioscience
Indical Bioscience, the operating company within Vimian’s Diagnostics segment, is a global leader in the development of complete solutions for molecular and immunological veterinary testing to identify, prevent, monitor, and eradicate animal diseases. The offering is suited to both the livestock and companion animal health markets. The products and workflows for veterinary diagnostics and pathogen research are trusted by lab technicians, vets, and organizations worldwide, including government agencies, laboratories, research institutes, farmers, and producers.

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