Vital Innovations Holdings Limited informed the Shareholders that, upon further review by the Auditor, the Company is in the process of collecting and collating certain additional information as required by the Auditor for the performance of the audit procedures, which primarily include (i) obtaining confirmations from certain customers and suppliers of the Group, ii) obtaining the subsequent delivery documents of the ordered goods and relative subsequent sale documents, and iii) reviewing the information and documents to ascertain the suppliers' capabilities to deliver ordered goods and/or cash refund. Accordingly, additional time is required for the Auditor to complete the audit procedures and for the 2023 Annual Results to be finalised. Pursuant to Rule 13.46(2)(a) of the Listing Rules, the Company is required to send the annual report for the year ended 31 December 2023 (the "2023 Annual Report") to its shareholders not later than four (4) months after the date upon which the financial period ended (i.e. on or before 30 April 2024).

In light of the abovementioned reasons, the Company will not be able to publish and despatch the 2023 Annual Report on or before 30 April 2024. The delay in the despatch of the 2023 Annual Report by the Company constitutes a non-compliance with Rule 13.46(2)(a) of the Listing Rules. The Board emphasised that the operation of the Group remains normal and that the Company has been using its best endeavours to assist the Auditor in completing the audit process.

Based on the recent communications with the Auditor, the Company expects that, subject to completion of the audit procedures, the 2023 Annual Results will be published on or about 16 May 2024 and the 2023 Annual Report will be published on or about 31 May 2024. The Company will make further announcement(s) to provide updates on the above matters as and when appropriate in accordance with the Listing Rules and the SFO.