Key ESG projects and events

Q4 2023

Main ESG projects and events for the Q4 of 2023

Environmental responsibility

  • Drugoe Delo service has developed an environmental project that teaches users how to sort waste correctly. The service's users completed >1.4 mn tasks
  • Mail and Cloud received an update - users now have access to quick deletion of unnecessary files

Social responsibility

  • VK organized the fifth Day against cyber bullying, which was attended by >2.5 mn users
  • VK Education organized an "IT Knowledge Day" career guidance event dedicated to launching young people's careers in the IT and digital areas. >220,000 schoolchildren learnt about careers in IT during the event
  • The #LifeAfter social project received 8 awards at federal social responsibility awards

Corporate governance

  • Kseniia Toporkova, Head of Sustainable Development at VK, was one of the participants in the session of the Third Global Financial Forum "The Role of
    Women in Sustainable Development"

Environmental responsibility

Drugoe Delo service

Offline Online

In Q4 2023 users of the Drugoe Delo service carried out useful tasks on ecology, volunteering, training, culture and sports

1 485 257

useful tasks completed


Drugoe Delo: ecogame

Online Offline

DrugoeDelo service together with VkusVill and SYNERGETIC developed an ecological project, in gamification format it teaches users how to sort waste correctly

The more users sort virtual waste, the higher the chance to get prizes. In order to increase chances and get additional points it is necessary to fulfil ecological tasks. For example, donate plastic caps to the VkusVill eco-exchanger, use refill stations, and donate recyclable materials to eco-centres or the SYNERGETIC eco-mobile

8.7 mn




3 quick deletion of unnecessary files Mail and Cloud received an update in November 2023 - users now have access to quick deletion of unnecessary files

The new feature helps to get rid of digital rubbish and delete up to 200 unnecessary files at a time

Before deleting, the user is offered a preview and detailed analytics of each section to avoid accidentally deleting necessary emails or files

Social responsibility

VK: cybersecurity

VK presented the results of the yearin terms of cybersecurity

  • In 2023, the number of VKontakte users who enabled two-factor authentication grew by 21%. In OK - by 15% over the same period
  • Two-factorauthentication is provided in VK's services, as well as those of the company's partners, through a unified login system VK ID
  • In 2023, OK launched a neural network that limits communication between cyberstalkers and their victims online. The number of complaints about intrusive attention from unfamiliar accounts dropped by 25%
  • Since the beginning of 2023, has secured up to 1.4 mn users from hacking using its own developed Taneleer system

16 mn users

strengthened their account protection by setting up two-factor authentication

91 mn users

- monthly active VK ID audience in Russia in 2023, up 14.6% YoY

>39 mn

reached the total amount of payments to security researchers in the Bug Bounty program, which is 3 times more than a year earlier

Day against cyber bullying

On 11 November 2023, VK held its fifth Day against cyber bullyingand presented the results of a study on the topic:

  • 57% of users experience cyberbullying
  • 58% believe that cyberbullying is no less dangerous than offline aggression
  • 33% have been victims of online bullying

VK Inclusion '23

On 27 October 2023, VK held Russia's first offline conference on digital accessibility, VK Inclusion '23, it gathered >250 guests at company's Moscow office

  • The design and the event's website were customized to meet the different perceptions of the audience
  • A team of translators simultaneously translated the speakers' speech into Russian sign language
  • The main stage was located on the ground floor with barrier-free access, and the thresholds in the conference area were equipped with ramps.
  • Several volunteers were present in each zone to help with orientation and other necessary assistance....

...and much more


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