EMDEN (dpa-AFX) - Production of electric cars at the Volkswagen plant in Emden will come to a standstill in the coming week. The reason is supply bottlenecks at a supplier, a spokeswoman said on Friday. Accordingly, the vehicles will not be built from Monday to Friday. The "Ostfriesen-Zeitung" and the "Nord-West-Zeitung" had previously reported this.

Due to stagnating demand, VW had already stopped production of both combustion models and electric cars in Emden for two days at the beginning of February. In addition, combustion engine production is to be halted for the whole of March anyway - due to start-up preparations and conversion work for the planned production of the Arteon Shooting Brake combustion engine model.

On Thursday, production of the Passat and Arteon combustion models was discontinued in Emden as planned. In future, only electric cars are to be built in Emden./xma/DP/jha