MONTREAL (dpa-AFX) - Formula 1 is moving towards a more sustainable future with smaller and lighter cars. The FIA presented the new regulations on Thursday, including photos of a new car, which will focus on more climate-friendly engines and new vehicle concepts from 2026. The cars will not only be smaller in size, but also weigh 30 kilograms less. In just over a year and a half, they will only be driven on fully sustainable fuel. According to the Fia, this should set a new standard for motorsport.

The rules for the new engines have been in place since August 2022. The development of the complete regulations was a long and nerve-wracking process. Ideas were repeatedly discarded and new points were worked out until it was finally clear what the future framework conditions for the premier class of motorsport would be. Part of the ambitious plan is that around 50 percent of the energy will soon be generated electrically. In addition, there will be 30 percent less downforce and 55 percent less drag.

The design of the engines will also be simplified. This is also being done to attract more manufacturers. The overall aim is to challenge the competition in order to offer the fans as much overtaking action as possible on the track. In addition to the existing engine manufacturers of Ferrari, Mercedes and Alpine, Honda will also be returning from 2026. In addition, VW subsidiary Audi will enter Formula 1 and world champion team Red Bull will build its own drive unit under the name Red Bull Ford Powertrains./two/DP/stw