Volkswagen Group today announced the publication of its fourth report on the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

Since 2021, this annual report summarizes the risks and issues identified, as well as the progress made in terms of supply chain sustainability.

The report now covers 18 priority raw materials used in batteries, such as lithium and cobalt. Cotton and magnesium were added to the list last year.

As part of its new global regenerate+ strategy, Volkswagen Group has set itself the target of having 95% of its suppliers display a positive sustainability score by 2040.

The report also refers to stricter standards for raw materials extraction with the gradual roll-out of IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance), an initiative that sets standards to ensure sustainable mining.

As a reminder, since 2020, Volkswagen Group's new supply contracts for raw materials used in batteries require complete transparency on the supply chain, right from the mining site.

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