VR Resources Ltd. announced that drilling has successfully intersected kimberlite diatreme breccia in Hole NW23-002 located in the center of the large magnetic anomaly, 1.2 km in diameter, at its Northway project located in northern Ontario. Hole NW23-002 is 450 metres northwest of hole 001 located on the southern edge of the anomaly, thus confirming the presence of a very large kimberlite diatra breccia pipe complex at Northway. A photo of the drill at Northway, on the pad for NW23-002; Magnetic map showing drill hole NW23-002 collared in the center of the magnetic anomaly at Northway which measures from 950 to 1,200 m across; Cross-section view of 3D voxel model for a MVI magnetic inversion, showing vertical boundary conditions for the 1.2 km magnetic anomaly at Northway; Drill core photos of garnet-bearing eclogite xenoliths within kimberlite breccia facies (XPK rock) in both holes 001 and 002 located 450 m apart within the magnetic anomaly.

Drill core photos from hole 002 of XPK facies, including olivine, clinopyroxene, and garnet-bearing xenoliths with accretionary magma crust and magmaclasts. The top of the kimberlite breccIA at Northway is preserved in both holes at the same vertical depth of 240m, at the base of the sedimentary cover of early Devonian sandstone and overlying limestone. Hole 002 ended at 357 metres.

The hole was terminated due to excessive caving within the hole at the stratigraphic unconformity at the top of the kimberllite. Overall, lower curst and mantle-derived xenoliths, phlogopite and olivine megacrysts, and spherulitic magmaclasts increase in abundance upwards in hole 002, including kelyphite rimmed garnet-bearing e Clogite at 330.8 m near the bottom of the hole. The MVI model demonstrates the potential vertical extent of the kimberlite Breccia intersected to date in both drill holes.