VR Resources Ltd. announced that drilling has resumed on the kimberlite diatreme breccia pipe complex at its Northway property located in northern Ontario. The magnetic anomaly associated with the kimberlite di atreme breccia intersected at Northway is from 900-1,200 metres across. The boundary conditions for the overall anomaly are sub-vertical; they are consistently and sharply defined on derivative magnetic plan maps and 3D inversion profiles.

The first two drill holes span approximately 450 m across the southeastern part of the anomaly. Drill hole NW23-003 now underway is collared at the same location as Hole 2, but is inclined steeply to the north into the heart of the anomaly, that is, into the largest area of high amplitude magnetic data directly above the vertical roots of the feature as viewed in 3D inversion profiles. As planned, the three drill holes will span nearly 900 m across the upper part of the breccia pipe complex at Northway.

The first two drill holes at Northway intersected various kimberlite breccia phases below a cover of Devonian-aged limestone and sandstone. Both holes were terminated because of caving in the sandstone. A caldera facies at the top of the breccia pipe is preserved in Hole 001.

Hypabyssal, coherent kimberlite phases (CK) are evident with KPK kimberlite breccIA phases in both Holes 001 and 002. VR intends to submit the core from all three drill holes to the SRC laboratory in Saskatoon in order to achieve a fulsome compositional study on the large kimberlite breccian pipe complex, and to maximize the amount of core from across the complex for micro-diamond evaluation by caustic fusion. VR plans to have all of the samples prepared and shipped to Saskatchewan by the first week of July, and anticipates having results by the end of the summer.