Wemade announced that two US.-based game developers, Ballies LLC and Studio 369 INC, have agreed to onboard their sports games to the WEMIX PLAY global blockchain gaming platform. WEMIX PLAY to onboard Ballies, the innovative NFT project that combines sports, gaming & NFTs and immersive blockchain soccer management game, El Jefe Futbol. Trading of NFTs of both games, which utilize innovative features, will be supported on WEMIX PLAY Marketplace.

Growing number of global partnerships and footprint is creating more diverse and engaging WEMIX PLAY game lineup. The Ballies game is an original strategy card game that combines basketball and fantasy elements into a new experience focused on Ballies Origins, a set of 9,999 players with unique skills and upgrade abilities. Players compete in tournaments during the regular season to earn tokens and can also lend avatars to other players to earn tokens based on their play.

The first-ever wrapped gaming NFTs, each Ballies uses innovative wrapping technology that combines a base (art + metadata explaining traits and rarity) with LAYERs, skill token + additional upgrades (like Gear NFTs) used in the game. Owners will be able to unwrap and sell all collateral separately anytime or load additional layers with more skill tokens. El Jefe Futbol is the latest soccer team management game from Studio 369 which specializes in Multiplayer, Live Operations and Community Management on PC & CONSOLE platforms. El Jefe Futbol offers players an immersive experience where they can join leagues, select their dream team, and train them to dominate on the field.

Gamers can upgrade and showcase their owned player NFTs over time and the NFT collection will expand to include improvements and equipment over time, further enhancing gameplay. The two new games are the latest additions to the growing range of sports games available on WEMIX PLAY that include baseball, fishing, soccer and now basketball. Game NFTs including Ballies Origins avatars and El Jefe Futbol dream team players will be traded on the WEMIX PLAY Marketplace.