Westrock Coffee Company launches the largest roast to ready-to-drink manufacturing facility in North America. Located in Conway, Arkansas, the 570,000-square-foot facility represents a $315 million investment in manufacturing capability and includes a comprehensive beverage development laboratory. This facility squarely positions Westrock Coffee at the forefront of coffee and Ready-To-Drink beverage innovation and production.

Westrock Coffee'sConway facility is built on the latest production capabilities, robotics and end-to-end automation for seamless manufacturing from green coffee receiving through roast and grind, extraction, and all the way through to bottling and packaging. This comprehensive approach, coupled with a unique future-ready fully integrated design, allows Westrock Coffee to quickly scale to meet growing industry demands while upholding the highest quality standards. Additionally, anew 530,000-square-foot warehousing and distribution center, located just two miles away, ensures efficient product distribution, reduces transportation times, and maintains a smooth and transparent flow of materials and finished goods.

Westrock Coffeeoffersa comprehensive range of services, from coffee bean sourcing to final product distribution, showcasing its unwavering commitment to quality and providing customers with acomplete set of solutions. An onsite Research and Development lab models full-scale operations, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to commercial production. By providing these extensive services and more, Westrock Coffee positions itself as a true beverage partner to its customers, delivering unparalleled expertise and innovation across the entire beverage value chain.