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Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 51 19-09-01
Director of Finance/CFO - 22-08-14
Chief Operating Officer - 18-10-31
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Chairman 74 18-07-31
Director/Board Member 60 20-08-31
Director/Board Member 66 17-09-14
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Wincanton plc is a United Kingdom-based supply chain partner for British business. It provides supply chain solutions up and down the country with colleagues working across approximately 200 sites. It provides business-critical services, including storage, handling and distribution; high volume eFulfilment; retailer dark stores; two-person home delivery; fleet and transport management; and network optimization for many of the United Kingdom’s companies. It also offers inbound supply chain logistics, people outsourcing and industrial relations management, property selection and design, and Winsight Supply Chain Integrator (WSCI). Its sectors include eFulfilment, which includes eCommerce, including high volume eFulfilment, and value-added services; grocery home delivery and customer fulfilment (CFC) and omnichannel retail; general merchandise, which is a non-food retail-focused sector; grocery and consumer and Public and Industrial, which serves infrastructure and healthcare markets.
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