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Fishing & Farming

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Business Summary

Wingara AG Limited is an Australia-based company, which is engaged in the sale of agricultural products to the domestic and international markets, particularly focusing on the export of hay products to Asia. The Company is an owner and operator of value-added, mid-stream assets specializing in the processing, storage, and marketing of agricultural products for export markets. The Company, through JC Tanloden, supplies fodder to meat and dairy farmers throughout Asia. Its product types include oaten hay, wheaten hay, and bedding straw. The Company provides meat export services, such as blast freezing, processing, and storage. The Company exports various meats, such as beef and lamb, and seafood. It also exports wheat, oats, lentils, cottonseed, legumes, and barely Wheaten Hay is a source of digestible fiber produced as a result of seasonal conditions. JC Tanloden exports Australia Wheaten Hay to international clients who seek a conserved fiber source as an alternative to Oaten Hay.

Number of employees : 0

Sales per Business

AUD in Million2022Weight2023Weight Delta
100.0 %
39 100.0 % 34 100.0 % -14.21%

Sales per region

AUD in Million2022Weight2023Weight Delta
100.0 %
39 100.0 % 34 100.0 % -14.21%


Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer - Nov. 10
Corporate Officer/Principal - 2021

Members of the board

Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Chairman - 2020
Director/Board Member - 2022
Corporate Officer/Principal - 2021
Director/Board Member 44 2021

Share class

VoteQuantityFree-FloatCompany-owned sharesTotal Float
Stock A 1 175,542,504 150,695,002 ( 85.85 %) 0 85.85 %

Company contact information

Wingara Ag Ltd.

13-25 Church Street

3122, Hawthorn

+61 3 9853 9631
address Wingara AG Limited(WNR)
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