Wipro Limited announced the launch of Wipro Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Ready Platform, a new service that will allow clients to create their enterprise-level, fully integrated and customized AI environments. The Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform leverages the IBM watsonx AI and data platform, including watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, and watsonx.governance and AI assistants, to deliver to clients an interoperable service that helps accelerate AI adoption. This new service enhances operations with a suite of capabilities spanning across tools, large language models (LLMs), streamlined processes, and robust governance, and lays the foundation for future industry analytic solutions to be built on watsonx.data and AI.

Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform is born out of an expanded multi-year partnership between Wipro and IBM. The expanded partnership brings together the technology and industry expertise of Wipro with leading hybrid cloud and AI innovation from IBM and aims to build joint solutions that help advance the implementation of robust, reliable, integrated, and enterprise-ready AI solutions. As part of the partnership, Wipro and IBM are jointly funding the IBM TechHub@Wiprosolution, which is designed to drive and support joint client pursuits through a centralized group of subject matter experts, engineers, assets, and processes.

The IBM TechHub@Wipro will include a watsonx Center of Excellence, which will focus on infusing IBM?s watsonx capabilities across Wipro?s offerings. Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform will provide clients with infrastructure and core software for the consumption of AI and generative AI workloads, including using code-based configurations to enhance automation; dynamic resource management to dynamically adjust to varying workloads using predictive analytics;and helping drive improvements in incident reduction and operational efficiency in the enterprise. The Platform will also support specialized industry use cases for banking, retail, health, energy, and manufacturing, providing conversational AI for customer support, customized marketing, customer feedback analysis, content generation and design optimization, thereby enhancing value for clients.