Wix.com Ltd. announced a addition to its built-in SEO tools, the AI Meta Tag Creator. The new tool enables Wix users to instantly generate tailored title tags and meta descriptions based on their page data, ensuring each page's content is accurately represented and optimized for search. Wix's latest enhancement is the first AI-powered feature within its collection of SEO tools.

Designed to streamline SEO content creation, it allows users of all levels, from self-creators looking to generate SEO-friendly tags for each of their pages, to professionals seeking to enhance their efficiency and make adjustments in real time, all directly from the SEO panel and settings. Natively developed and powered by OpenAI, the AI Meta Tag Creator offers suggestions for title tags and meta descriptions that adhere to SEO best practices, work seamlessly with different Wix page types, and address various search intents. By analyzing content data from users' websites, it can generate accurate and relevant meta tags, without any manual input.

Key benefits include: Efficiency: Users can now create search-optimized title tags and meta descriptions in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take, increasing productivity and improving workflow. By simply clicking 'create with AI, in the SEO Panel,' users receive three tailored suggestions they can choose from, based on their page data, such as page type, page name, keyword, and page content. Search Visibility: By utilizing AI-powered suggestions tailored to the page's content, users can increase their search engine results pages (SERP's), click-through rates (CTR), and impressions driving more organic traffic.

The suggestions include important information such as keywords, the business and location. Customization: Users have the flexibility to choose the tone of voice that aligns with their brand and audience (general, informative, conversational, formal, or transactional), ensuring more accurate and personalized results. Additionally, users can further customize the tags by inputting specific details they would like included.

The tool's creation process involved testing tens of thousands of results based on numerous prompts and qualitative checks. The factors considered include page content, page type, target keyword, and more to provide tailored title tags and meta description suggestions. Extensive testing and error filtering were done to ensure that only high-quality and SEO-compliant suggestions are provided to users, resulting in a user-friendly and effective tool.

Wix has a long-standing relationship with AI dating back to 2016 when the company introduced Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), its first AI website generator. Since that time, Wix has consistently improved and expanded its offerings, empowering users to expand their businesses and achieve success by harnessing the benefits of AI. This tool joins Wix's available AI-powered features for web creation, contributing to Wix's dedication to maximizing the potential of AI in web development.