Wolters Kluwer Health announced the launch of Lippincott(R) Partnership for Nursing Education and Testing. With the integration of NurseTim(R) /NurseThink(R) now complete, Wolters Kluwer provides a full curriculum suite of educational products and services for the nation's leading prelicensure nursing programs. Technology can help ease nurses' transition to practice As new nurses enter the workforce, many of them aren't sufficiently prepared for real-world patient care. In fact, just 11% of students transitioning to practice were evaluated as practice ready.

Compounding the broader challenges of the present nursing shortage, the nursing profession critically needs nursing graduates who enter practice with confidence and well-developed clinical judgment skills. With the launch of Lipp Incott Partnership for Nursing Education and Testing, nursing programs of any size can now adopt Lippincott, NurseTim and NurseThink products across their entire program in three convenient packages, with a variety of options to add expert consulting and implementation services. This mix of education solutions and expertise supports both faculty development and nursing program success--from higher NCLEX(R) pass rates to more practice-ready nurses at graduation.

Leaders at the University of Rochester School of Nursing developed strategic objectives to identify evidence-based practices and to use digital technology whenever possible to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the training that was offered. To define what that approach and practices would look like, the school assembled a multidisciplinary task force composed of faculty and experts in instructional design and information technology. To make their vision a reality, they then turned to Wolters Kluwer Health to collaborate on bringing the clinical experience into the learning environment.