Wolters Kluwer N.V. announced the launch of CCH iKnowConnect, a cloud-based platform that provides a 360-degree view of legislation, streamlining the research process for tax and legal professionals. With continued investments in transformative innovation and advanced technologies, CCH iKnowConnect is a unified state-of-the-art platform experience changing the way professionals work. CCH iKnowConnect?s intuitive interface provides advanced search functionality with tailored suggestions that accelerate the content discovery process and the return of accurate results allowing users to obtain the information they need quickly and with surety.

The 360-degree view of legislation is an innovative feature which allows professionals to delve deeply into legal texts, resulting in a comprehensive view of the regulatory landscape by providing users direct access to commentary, cases, and specific details related to various forms of legislation. The platform also categorizes content according to practice areas, so tax and legal professionals can access the full spectrum of Wolters Kluwer coverage on any subject area more efficiently. Professionals working internationally can also access content from other jurisdictions all within the same research platform.

Digital content is published frequently, often with daily updates ensuring tax and legal professionals stay informed regarding the latest news and developments as they happen.