Wolters Kluwer has unveiled new capabilities for CCH iFirm Taxprep, the only cloud-based tax compliance solution in Canada, designed to meet the needs of tax and accounting firms of all sizes. CCH iFirm® Taxprep is one of Canada's most advanced lines of professional tax preparation software, relied on by top accounting firms, as well as thousands of local firms, small practitioners, and corporations. Supported by customer service, tax and technical support professionals, CCH iFirm Taxprep gives tax and accounting firms the tools they need to increase profitability and offer clients value-added services - during tax season and beyond.

This new suite of services offers three distinct packages to give tax professionals the flexibility to choose the tools that best meet their needs and their clients' needs: CCH iFirm Tax prepare Essentials - designed for firms with a straightforward tax preparation workflow. CCH iFirm Tax preparing Advanced - offers firms all features of the CCH iFirm Essentials package, plus support for multiple preparers, and efficiency drivers, including T2 data coupling, custom filters and diagnostics, and a consolidated data review and planner mode. CCH iFirm taxprep Pro - builds on CCH iFirm Tax preparation and the Advanced package, offering a rich feature set that supports complex tax preparation and sophisticated workflow needs.

This solution maximizes productivity to better manage high-volume return preparation. CCH iFirmtaxprep includes a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow tools that assist firms in providing tax compliance and planning services from anywhere at any time. With robust calculations and over 9,000 built-in diagnostics providing unmatched reliability, CCH iFirm tax prepare boasts an industry leading e-file acceptance rate of 98% and its cloud and on-premises versions are used by all of the 30 largest firms in Canada.

CCH iFirmTaxprep Essentials, which is now available to purchase on the Wolters Kluwer TAA eStore, also has the flexibility to accommodate increasing demands with its additional integrated modules and tools that cater to the needs of a growing practice, making it a valuable long-term solution.