Wolters Kluwer, has launched Lippincott Medical Education, a new AI-powered eBook library. A collaboration with online learning platform Kortext, the solution is set to revolutionize the accessibility of medical educational resources for universities and students across India by leveraging the power of a dynamic artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital platform. The Lippincott Medical Education platform addresses common challenges faced by students and faculties alike, with features designed to: Unlock the power of Generative AI ?

safely: Medical students across India use generative AI for tasks such as planning, writing, and translation. To address these needs, the platform introduces innovative features like Summarize for creating concise outlines, AI study notes for bullet-point information, Q&A for interactive assessments, and a Citations tool for stress-free referencing. These tools are designed to maximize study efficiency and aid both students and academics in managing their workloads.

Provide access to enhanced analytics: Professors and educators will have access to powerful analytics tools with seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration, allowing them to track student progress and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. Improve accessibility: Students will have 24/7 access to Lippincott Medical Education's extensive catalog of medical eBooks, enabling them to study and learn anytime, anywhere. Encourage interactive learning: The platform offers a rich and interactive learning experience, allowing students to engage with the content in meaningful ways, such as highlighting, annotating, and collaborating with peers.

Provide updated content: Universities and students will benefit from timely updates and the latest editions, ensuring they have access to the most current information in the field of medicine. The platform has already been selected to expand the health science e-resources at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) by collaborating with the HELINET consortium for a 5-year subscription period of more than 45 e-book titles. It also garnered interest from Kasturba Medical College of Mangalore (KMC), which has taken 75 titles in customized collections.