Wolters Kluwer announced In its work to help simplify and streamline the complex landscape of automotive financing, Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions has agreed with Informed.IQ to distribute an automated technology solution that modernizes the vehicle lending lifecycle by using digitized processes and artificial intelligence (AI). The offering utilizes Wolters Kluwer?s market-leading eVault capabilities with Informed.IQ?s AI copilot solution to review, validate, and store financing documents. Wolters Kluwer eVault technology provides lenders Digital Asset Certainty?

of authoritative loan records within a comprehensive eAsset® lifecycle management platform, and Informed.IQ?s user interface ensures a smooth journey for funding analysts. The result is a compliant and accelerated path to capital market monetization, real-time onboarding, expedited funding processes and, for consumers, an enhanced finance and insurance experience. The Informed.IQ solution fits into a lender?s existing loan origination and processing workflows, delivering flexibility for underwriting, funding, and portfolio management stages.

This solution creates a seamless review and validation of documents provided by consumers and dealers. Its approach extends beyond standard verification, giving valuable insights into income misrepresentation through documentary and non-documentary validation. The solution leverages data from more than 60 million records processed and addresses issues such as income overstatement and understatement, fraud detection, legal compliance, and optimization of loan underwriting.