RIZAP GROUP, Inc. (SPSE:2928) made an offer to acquire WonderCorporation (JASDAQ:3344) for ¥5.5 billion on February 19, 2018. Under the terms of the transaction, RIZAP GROUP, Inc. offered to acquire 5.58 million shares at ¥980 per share. RIZAP GROUP, Inc. will acquire a minimum of 2.4 million shares. Kasumi Co., Ltd. entered into an agreement and agreed to tender 43.1% stake on February 19, 2018. Kasumi Co., Ltd. will transfer 2.4 million shares representing 43.1% stake in WonderCorporation. The transaction was resolved by the Board of Directors of RIZAP GROUP, Inc. on February 19, 2018. As on March 7, 2018, RIZAP GROUP, Inc entered into an agreement for the deal. The offer will start from February 20, 2018 and will end on March 22, 2018. Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. acted as financial advisor to RIZAP GROUP, Inc. YAMADA Business Consulting Co., Ltd. acted as financial advisor and Kitahama Partners acted as legal advisor to WonderCorporation.

RIZAP GROUP, Inc. (SPSE:2928) completed the acquisition of 66.2% stake in WonderCorporation (JASDAQ:3344) for ¥3.6 billion on March 22, 2018. As on March 22, 2018, the tender offer ended and 3.7 million shares equating to 66.2% stake of WonderCorporation were acquired. Also, WonderCorporation will issue 1.98 million shares to RIZAP GROUP, Inc. through a private placement on March 29, 2018. Settlement of the deal will start on March 29, 2018.