Century Pacific Food Inc. continues to unlock opportunities in plant-based alternatives with `unMEAT'. The Brand recently planted its flag in Australia with its entry into Woolworths and expanded its range at Walmart USA. Woolworths now carries `unMEAT' in 960 stores nationwide.

The brand is likewise available on the retail giant's e-commerce platform. `unMEAT' entered the chain with its range of plant-based Luncheon Meat in shelf stable format, all priced at parity to luncheon meat analogs. Meanwhile, `unMEAT' continues to gain traction in the United States.

Early in 2023, `unMEAT Luncheon Meat' made its debut at Walmart in approximately 1,800 stores. Given the positive reception of consumers and robust performance of the launch, Walmart expanded the shelf stable range to provide more plant-based options to its shoppers. Three new innovations were added to the line, namely `unMEAT' Meat-Free Chili with Beans, Chicken Style Chunks, and Roast Beef Style.