LOS ANGELES - Writers Group Film Corp (OTCQB: WRIT), a Los Angeles based content distribution company, announced today formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary to facilitate and expand the company?s entry into the classic video game market. The new subsidiary, Retro Infinity, Inc., will share resources with Amiga Games Inc., Writers? Group?s newly acquired subsidiary, responsible for the development and publishing of classic Amiga games on modern platforms such as tablets, consoles, and smartphones.

"The Retro Infinity brand will allow us to greatly expand the population of potential game licenses for our catalogue beyond the roughly 2,000 games released for the Amiga," said Eric Mitchell, Chairman of CEO of Writer?s Group Film Corp. "Retro Infinity will first target MS-DOS games, which number over 5,000 and then focus on acquiring earlier versions of present day gaming franchises."

Patrick Roberts, AGI?s President and Chief Operating Officers, will also serve as President and Chief Operating Officer of Retro Infinity, Inc. "While the Amiga platform is our primary base from which to grow, we can?t overlook the opportunity presented by all the excellent games released for other systems in the 16-bit era." Mr. Roberts continued, "The cost impact of building our proprietary technology to support more than just Amiga titles is minimal compared to the potential increase in worldwide revenues. In the future, the Retro Infinity brand will allow us to expand our game library to include titles from many classic video game platforms."

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