XCMG Machinery completed the wind turbine installation of the world's first offshore floating wind power aquaculture project ("the Project") on Nanri Island of Putian, Fujian Province, marking a new milestone as XCMG further advances the integration and innovation of the alternative energy industry. The Project adopts a three- column semi-submersible platform on which a 4MV offshore wind turbine and lightweight flexible photovoltaic modules are installed. A hexagon-shaped aquaculture zone in the middle of the platform will farm fish and seafood products while producing clean energy.

The annual power generated by the Project will reach 16 million kilowatt-hours upon completion, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 6,000 average households in a year. The platform consists of a floating wind turbine and aquaculture cages. XCMG's XCMG's XGC28000 has installed the 4MV wind turbine.

The vessel where the wind turbine is installed has a large width that requires the hoisting equipment to operate at the dock, a challenge for the crawler crane, which must have superb lifting height and capacity under a large operating radius. The XGC28000 has a maximum rated lifting capacity of 2,000 tons. It adopted a 126-meter main boom that first finished the matching of the 226-ton and 102-ton tower tubes, then assembled the 193-ton engine room with a 42-meter operating radius before hoisting three blades to dock with the wheel hub with precision.