XCMG is bringing its exhibition to date to the 2023 CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show from March 14 to 18 in Las Vegas, where it will unveil 20 new products across major categories that are customized for the North American market.  XCMG Hoisting Machinery has two new products developed for the North American market. The XCT60_U boom truck, which will be launched in the market in April, delivers a superb lifting performance that's 3-5 percent higher than products of the same tonnage.

The XCA150_U all-terrain crane is an model with a six-section, 62-meter main boom and maximum length of 94.5 meters with the jib, achieving a lifting capacity that's 5-15 percent higher than its peers.  XCMG Excavator Machinery is introducing six new excavator products, including the XE45U, XE75U, XE90U, XE135U, XE235UCR and XE490U. The XE35U is a star product with a high-end configuration to deliver excellent performance.  The XZ2025 horizontal directional drill is advantaged in high mobility with a body width of only 56 inches, and it has a maximum torque of 3,000 N.m (2,200ft) and maximum rotation speed of 240 rpm. With an intelligent drilling guiding system, the whole underground drilling trajectory is visualized, and the guiding accuracy can be as precise as down to the centimeter level.

  XCMG is launching two new electric counterbalanced forklifts in the North American market. The BP600 with streamlined design and strong counterweight is designed to meet the North American operating conditions and requirements, coupled with XCMG's proprietary XEC electronic control technology that optimizes the product logic algorithm, making every action smooth while strengthening the protection of people and goods. Its broad function expansibility, such as side shift pitchfork and soft clip, enables the model to meet the customization demands of different working conditions.  The BTW350 leverages XCMG's self-developed core technology and components, and it adopts full AC dual-drive high-efficiency motor with robust power and low energy consumption.

The full hydraulic steering system provides outstanding flexibility and comfort, achieving a smaller turning radius and in situ steering that's suitable for small space operations.  The new XC7-SV12 skid-steer loader is configured with updated technologies customized for the North American market and is an ideal piece of equipment for a wide range of working scenarios including road construction/maintenance/cleaning, snow removal, building engineering construction, forestry, landscape architecture and more.  The GR2605T5II grader is a high-end Series 5 product meeting American and European market requirements, and it features ergonomics improvement, electric double joystick control, reliable operating devices and superior adaptability.  XCMG is also showcasing the XC9 series loaders at the trade show, which are specially developed for the North American market meeting the Tier 4F and Stage V emission standards.  XC938U: armed with turbocharged and medium air-air intercooling engine, it has the advantages of high reliability, high adaptability, low fuel consumption and low emission. XCMG's new FPRS&ROPS slightly pressurized cabin offers better visibility, and excellent sealing with vibration reduction to make driving more comfortable.  XC948U: a fuel-efficient, reliable, and durable model with rear flip engine hood and side flip cabin allowing for easy maintenance.  XC958U: new-generation wheel loader that can be widely applied for mining, port/wharf/freight yard constructions and more. It adopts a fully-variable dynamic load-sensitive, flow-amplifying steer hydraulic system and electric-hydraulic proportional control working hydraulic system.