XCMG Machinery released the HANYUN OS 2023 at the 2023 Industrial Internet Conference, marking a new milestone for XCMG HANYUN as it embarks on a journey of innovation on digitalization, and sustainable solutions with the goal of supporting global customers. The XCMG HANYUN industrial internet platform was developed by XCMG to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries through integrating industrial big data and changing the paradigms of production, service, and business model. It now serves as a reliable partner for 70,000 users from 80 industries across 80 countries and regions worldwide.

The new OS of XCMG HANYUN, a light weight and easy-to-deploy platform, will empower global users with integrated digital capabilities leveraging the six core technologies of embedded edge computing, production process simulation, big data mining, low-code technology, digital twin, AI. The new launch also includes upgrades of three key platforms – HANYUN Industrial Internet, HANYUN Digital Thread, and HANYUN Digital Twin.XCMG HANYUN provides professional consulting, design, development, manufacturing, implementation, and operation products and services relating to industrial internet and integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions. Earlier this year, it received the Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5 .