YouGov has acquired KnowledgeHound, a US based survey data management solution, in a move that further extends the capabilities of the YouGov Crunch survey analytics platform to handle the needs of large brands. KnowledgeHound is a SaaS-based search-driven analytics platform that connects and transforms existing structured data from disparate systems, bringing them together in one place. Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2014, KnowledgeHound enables brands to maximise the value and impact of their consumer data.

Its customer base is predominantly Fortune 500 companies with top brands spanning across the FMCG, pharmaceutical, technology, insurance, and media industries. KnowledgeHound's capabilities for enterprise survey data analysis and visualisation will be combined with the analytic power of YouGov Crunch for deep dives into complex survey data. KnowledgeHound complements this with an effective platform for data discovery, integration, and productisation of reports for brands.