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Zagreb, 24 June 2022


Acquisition of an additional share in the Macedonian Stock Exchange

(Inside information)

Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc. (hereinafter: the Exchange) with its registered office in Zagreb, Ivana Lučića 2a,

VAT ID No. (OIB): 84368186611, hereby informs the public that on 24 June 2022, completed the purchase of shares of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, Inc. with its registered office in Skopje, Orce Nikolov 75, Republic of North Macedonia, registration number: 5062608 (hereinafter: the Company).

By this transaction, the Exchange acquired additional 199 ordinary shares subscribed under ISIN number: MKMBDH101011, which accounts for 7.13% of the Company's share capital. The transaction is fully funded by the Exchange's own resources.

As the Exchange acquired 277 shares or 9.92% of the Company's share capital in previous transactions1 2 3, with this transaction the Exchange increased its ownership share in the Company to 476 shares or 17.05%.

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