Zomato Limited has received an order for Fiscal Year 2018-19 pursuant to the audit of GST returns and accounts by the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax, Gujarat raising demand of GST of INR 41,168,604, along with applicable interest and penalty totaling to INR 85,777,696. The demand order has been received in respect of excess availment of input tax credit and short payment of GST on account of audit observations and interest, penalty thereon. The Company in its response to the show cause notice had clarified on all the issues along with relevant documents, circulars etc.

which appears to not have been fully considered by the authorities while passing the order. Adjudication Order passed under Section 73 of the CGST Act, 2017 and GGST Act, 2017 for an amount of INR 41,168,604, interest of INR 40,442,232 and penalty of INR 4,166,860 totalling to INR 85,777,696.