Business description: zooplus AG

Zooplus AG, also known as, is a Germany-based retailer of pet supplies. The Company markets products mainly through their online stores. It offers over approximately 8000 products, including dry and wet pet food and food supplements, accessories, including toys, care products, and hygiene products, scratching posts, dog baskets. The Company sells food and accessories for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, fish and horses and delivers the goods to approximately20 countries. It also provides a range of free content and information accessible through Websites, such as veterinary and other animal-related advice, as well as interactive features, such as discussion forums and blogs.

Number of employees: 897

Sales by Activity: zooplus AG

Fiscal Period: December20172018201920202021

Distribution and Sale of Pet Supplies

1.16B 1.34B 1.53B 1.81B 2.09B
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Geographical breakdown of sales: zooplus AG

Fiscal Period: December20172018201920202021


273M 308M 348M 395M 455M


187M 224M 248M 291M 322M


80.12M 110M 137M 170M 208M

Other Countries

48.36M 68.91M 89.86M 117M 155M


90.49M 108M 116M 142M 155M

Great Britain

91.25M 106M 111M 133M 147M

The Netherlands

73.18M 85.1M 94.76M 105M 124M


48.74M 61.34M 73.73M 90.29M 106M


62.83M 76.63M 82.03M 91.37M 105M


30.43M 41.79M 52.38M 69.83M 80.23M


32.26M 37.87M 43.05M 51M 58.84M

Czech Republic

26M 32.7M 39.43M 44.55M 56.63M


24.76M 30.22M 31.08M 36.05M 43.09M


22.11M 27.1M 29.62M 34.6M 39.84M


20.46M 24.09M 27.22M 30.56M 33.15M
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Managers: zooplus AG

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer - 22-10-30
Director of Finance/CFO - 19-12-31
Chief Operating Officer - 23-07-09
Investor Relations Contact - -
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Members of the board: zooplus AG

Insider TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 60 22-05-18
Chairman 54 -
Director/Board Member 43 21-12-31
Director/Board Member - 20-12-31
Director/Board Member - 20-12-31
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Shareholders: zooplus AG

ProfitlichSchmidlin AG
0.3215 %
23,323 0.3215 % 6 M €
BN & Partners Capital AG
0.0684 %
4,965 0.0684 % 1 M €
Falkensteiner Ventures AG
0.0524 %
3,801 0.0524 % 904 366 €
NFS Capital AG
0.009650 %
700 0.009650 % 166 550 €
MFC Asset Management Public Co., Ltd. (Investment Management)
0.006093 %
442 0.006093 % 105 164 €
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Company details: zooplus AG

zooplus SE

Sonnenstrasse 15

80331, Munich

+49 89 95 006 100
address zooplus AG(ZO1V)

Group companies: zooplus AG

NameCategory and Sector
Food: Specialty/Candy
Specialty Stores
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