Wipro Limited announced that it has partnered with Zscaler to introduce Wipro Cyber X-Ray, an AI-assisted decision support platform. Wipro Cyber X-Ray empowers enterprise CXOs to make optimized security investment decisions and communicate cyber values to senior leadership and the board. Security business leaders often struggle to access comprehensive risk visibility across their varied cyber projects, and some may have difficulty justifying the spending to sustain cybersecurity programs and ensure continued cyber resilience in this age of constant disruption.

Wipro Cyber X-Ray offers an easy-to-navigate executive dashboard to visualize cyber risk posture, activate cyber initiatives, and deliver value to the organization by helping to understand over- or under-investment in security programs. Wipro Cyber X-Ray, powered by Zscaler, provides business intelligence that will allow security leaders to confidently communicate to the board the value of current cyber investments through a cost vs. impact analysis.