ZX Inc. announced that Beast Lord: The New Land (the New Game) has completed more than a month of deletion testing. After continuous adjustments and iterations, it officially launched the public beta testing on all platforms in the Chinese Mainland on June 5, 2024. Beast Lord: The New Land is a simulation game (SLG) on online mobile with the potential to become a blockbuster launched by the Group in 2024.

It is also the first online mobile exploration SLG featured with real animals themes in the Chinese Mainland. Its Tan Wan brand has obtained the exclusive authorization to promote and operate the New Game. The New Game has received wide popularity among players, evidenced by its top rank on the list of iOS Top Free Games on the public beta testing day.

In the game, players will take on the role of the lion lord, leading the beasts to find and build new territories, compete for resources and status, and win strategically to become the king of beasts.