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SIERRA INCOME CORPORATION USD Other Corporate Financial Services ... 5.01 Delayed Quote.5,009,900.00%0.00%0.00%515
EZION HOLDINGS LIMITED USD Other Oil Related Services and Equi... 0.0335 Delayed Quote.3,250.00%3,250.00%-91.63%126
LOVE INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC. USD Other Commercial Printing Services ... 0.3001 Delayed Quote.444.65%0.00%0.00%300
BLUEONE CARD INC. USD Transaction & Payment Services 8.5001 Delayed Quote.431.26%0.00%0.00%87
MIGOM GLOBAL CORP. USD Diversified Investment Services 100.24 Delayed Quote.234.13%0.00%0.00%751
VALENTINE MARK CORPORATION USD  0.7 Delayed Quote.231.75%0.00%0.00%151
ACS GLOBAL, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 5 Delayed Quote.185.71%0.00%0.00%286
HPN HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 3.8 Delayed Quote.171.43%0.00%0.00%114
YINHANG INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES DE.. USD Other Oil & Gas Exploration and Pro... 0.6301 Delayed Quote.152.02%0.00%0.00%81
CRANK MEDIA INC USD Application Software 2.5 Delayed Quote.150.00%0.00%0.00%158
CHINA FOODS HOLDINGS LTD. USD Shell Companies 2.5 Delayed Quote.123.21%0.00%123.21%51
RED TRAIL ENERGY, LLC USD Ethanol Fuels 2.25 Delayed Quote.104.55%0.00%0.00%90
INBIT CORP. USD Other Holding Companies 11.99 Delayed Quote.99.83%0.00%336.00%1 511
GUSHEN, INC. USD Other Investment Management & Fund ... 31.5 Delayed Quote.96.88%110.00%-7.35%12 934
GIVBUX, INC. USD Tires & Rubber Products Wholesale 10.75 Delayed Quote.95.45%79.17%15,257.14%943
ARCHON CORPORATION USD Casinos 17.5 Delayed Quote.94.44%0.00%0.00%110
FNB BANCORP, INC. USD Other Banks 241.75 Delayed Quote.85.39%0.00%110.22%213
LUCKWEL PHARMACEUTICALS INC. USD Other Pharmaceuticals 3.5 Delayed Quote.75.00%0.00%0.00%515
CHYKINGYOUNG INVESTMENT DEVELOPM.. USD Other Leisure & Recreation 1.23 Delayed Quote.73.48%0.00%0.00%427
NEXT MEATS HOLDINGS, INC. USD Shell Companies 0.67 Delayed Quote.67.50%-50.00%-77.14%201
GRANITE FALLS ENERGY, LLC USD Ethanol Fuels 2000 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%0.00%61
CARIBBEAN INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LI.. USD Commercial Banks 0.55 Delayed Quote.57.14%0.00%57.14%73
CLONE ALGO TECHNOLOGIES INC. USD Mobile Application Software 1.7 Delayed Quote.54.55%30.77%-46.37%129
GOLDEN TRIANGLE VENTURES INC USD Other Business Support Services 0.069 Delayed Quote.53.33%37.07%-37.83%55
AIXIN LIFE INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD Health Food Stores 4.92 Delayed Quote.52.80%0.00%0.00%246
ZEUUS, INC. USD Management Consulting Services 90 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%0.00%949
LEADER CAPITAL HOLDINGS CORP. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 1.5 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%47.06%269
KANGE CORP. USD Mobile Application Software 1.4 Delayed Quote.40.00%0.00%723.53%125
NEXT-CHEMX CORPORATION USD Diversified Chemicals 12.5001 Delayed Quote.38.58%0.00%0.00%342
BANCORP. OF SOUTHERN INDIANA USD  57.25 Delayed Quote.36.31%0.00%36.31%78
GOULD INVESTORS L.P. USD  440 Delayed Quote.33.33%0.00%46.67%303
WORLD HEALTH ENERGY HOLDINGS, IN.. USD Other Software 0.0004 Delayed Quote.33.33%0.00%-40.00%147
SANY SPRI USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 2.4 End-of-day quote.33.33%60.71%-24.75%105
MAGENTA THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 1.56 Delayed Quote.32.20%9.26%-73.36%69
FORGE INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT COR.. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 1.32 Delayed Quote.30.69%30.69%0.00%60
STAR FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. USD  94.75 Delayed Quote.29.79%0.00%52.82%326
BIOMIND LABS INC. USD Other Biotechnology & Medical Resea... 1 End-of-day quote.28.37%-6.54%-6.54%75
NUTEX HEALTH, INC. USD Medical Software & Technology Servi... 7.49 End-of-day quote.28.25%51.62%0.00%4 834
ATHENA BITCOIN GLOBAL USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 0.28 Delayed Quote.27.85%-42.35%-93.40%896
SANTE TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS INC. USD  0.8251 Delayed Quote.26.93%0.00%26.93%180
YRC WORLDWIDE INC. USD Freight Trucking 4.32 End-of-day quote.26.32%21.35%-65.69%223
MOBILESMITH, INC. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 3.96 Delayed Quote.25.71%0.00%34.69%112
MULIANG VIAGOO TECHNOLOGY INC. USD Organic Fertilizer 7 Delayed Quote.25.00%0.00%0.00%270
BETWEEN DANDELIONS INC. USD Medical Software & Technology Servi... 1.5 End-of-day quote.25.00%-16.67%12.78%58
MCAP INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 10 Delayed Quote.25.00%0.00%0.00%232
SILENCE THERAPEUTICS PLC USD Other Biotechnology & Medical Resea... 6.75 Delayed Quote.22.73%0.00%0.00%606
SUNLANDS TECHNOLOGY GROUP USD Other Internet Services 4.8 Delayed Quote.21.83%60.82%-20.40%52
FOUNDERS BAY HOLDINGS USD  1.64 Delayed Quote.21.48%-13.68%0.00%82
CHEE CORP. USD Computer Peripherals 12.75 Delayed Quote.21.43%0.00%0.00%92
ITEM 9 LABS CORP. USD Medical Farming 1 Delayed Quote.21.21%-17.50%-25.68%78
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