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PHONE WEB EUR Call Center Services 0.925 Real-time Quote.20.13%0.00%-3.65%1
ALPHA-EN CORPORATION USD Other Electrical Components & Equip... 0.0006 Delayed Quote.20.00%20.00%0.00%0,024
SANICHI TECHNOLOGY BERHAD MYR Industrial Moulds 0.03 End-of-day quote.20.00%20.00%20.00%9
XCPCNL BUSINESS SERVICES CORPORA.. USD Other Employment Services 0.0048 Delayed Quote.20.00%2.13%-90.40%1,000
PARCELPAL LOGISTICS INC. CAD Courier Services 0.03 Delayed Quote.20.00%0.00%-54.55%5
PROMAX POWER LIMITED INR Civil Engineers & Architects 19.5 End-of-day quote.20.00%-6.25%2.63%1
BINNY LIMITED INR Land Division & Subdivision 295 End-of-day quote.19.99%23.43%58.22%83
TAMAI STEAMSHIP CO., LTD. JPY Other Marine Freight & Logistics 2207 Delayed Quote.19.95%5.59%4.27%26
D & H INDIA LIMITED INR Welding & Soldering Equipment 37.95 End-of-day quote.19.91%18.04%65.00%4
HS VALVE CO., LTD KRW Industrial Valve Manufacturing 6780 End-of-day quote.19.58%24.40%20.00%54
HAO BAI INTERNATIONAL (CAYMAN) L.. HKD Water & Sewage Construction 0.086 Delayed Quote.19.44%4.88%207.14%18
PUTEVI A.D RSD Highway & Bridge Construction 370 End-of-day quote.19.35%-1.33%23.33%3
LAKE HOUSE PRINTERS AND PUBLISHE.. LKR Specialized Printing Services 196 End-of-day quote.19.15%19.15%33.79%2
METIZI J.S.CO. BGN Wires & Cables 0.3 End-of-day quote.19.05%42.86%122.22%1
WADI KOM OMBO FOR LAND RECLAMATI.. EGP Land Division & Subdivision 36.42 End-of-day quote.18.67%21.72%-25.73%11
ATMA PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. BRL Call Center Services 1.6 Delayed Quote.18.52%9.76%-48.08%8
JANEL CORPORATION USD Integrated Logistics Operators 45 Delayed Quote.18.42%0.00%87.50%48
AXOLOT SOLUTIONS HOLDING AB (PUB.. SEK Purification & Treatment Equipment 0.71 Delayed Quote.18.33%1.69%-29.17%8
CANNABIS STRATEGIC VENTURES USD Other Employment Services 0.013 Delayed Quote.18.18%11.11%-43.84%5
NORSE IMPACT AB (PUBL) SEK Testing & Measuring Equipment 0.342 End-of-day quote.17.93%26.67%-61.57%10
PERFORMANCE SHIPPING INC. USD Deep Sea Freight 0.41 Delayed Quote.17.75%7.89%-88.95%11
TRICKLESTAR LIMITED SGD Other Electrical Components & Equip... 0.2 Delayed Quote.17.65%0.00%-9.09%12
OPT-SCIENCES CORPORATION USD Other Aircraft Parts Manufacturing ... 23.5 Delayed Quote.17.50%0.00%0.00%18
CETIS, GRAPHIC AND DOCUMENTATION.. EUR Specialized Printing Services 135 End-of-day quote.17.39%25.00%33.66%28
NOCOPI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD Other Business Support Supplies 0.2335 Delayed Quote.16.73%26.34%28.21%16
2050 MOTO USD Other Electrical Components & Equip... 0.0007 End-of-day quote.16.67%55.56%0.00%6
TRID PRO USD Other Environmental Services & Equi... 0.014 Delayed Quote.16.67%6.87%-27.27%-
TECHFAST HOLDINGS BERHAD MYR Other Construction & Engineering 0.035 End-of-day quote.16.67%16.67%-63.16%6
E.A. TECHNIQUE (M) BERHAD MYR Other Marine Freight & Logistics 0.035 End-of-day quote.16.67%16.67%-56.25%4
ORIGINCLEAR, INC. USD Water & Sewage Construction 0.0505 Delayed Quote.16.09%155.05%120.52%35
UNION MATERIALS CORP. KRW Electron Tubes & Insulators 3635 End-of-day quote.15.95%13.24%14.49%117
FUNDUSZ HIPOTECZNY DOM S.A. PLN Management Consulting Services 4.1 End-of-day quote.15.82%-18.81%9.04%10
SIMAT EUR Other Marine Port Services 2.2 Real-time Quote.15.79%0.00%0.00%-
PCS EDVENTURES!.COM, INC. USD Education & Training Information Pr... 0.058 Delayed Quote.15.77%-3.17%39.76%7
HINDUSTAN HARDY LIMITED INR Other Industrial Machinery & Equipm... 249.7 End-of-day quote.15.60%15.07%-8.08%5
SUZHOU SHIJING ENVIRONMENTAL TEC.. CNY Purification & Treatment Equipment 33.52 End-of-day quote.15.55%49.24%3.68%662
US LIGHTING GROUP, INC. USD Lighting Equipment 0.194 Delayed Quote.15.48%19.02%95.96%19
WISEWAY GROUP LIMITED AUD Integrated Logistics Operators 0.115 Delayed Quote.15.00%2.04%-57.86%11
TITAN NRG INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 0.184 Delayed Quote.14.93%18.71%0.00%6
PRECOMP SOLUTIONS AB (PUBL) SEK Industrial Parts & Components 2.55 Delayed Quote.14.86%-1.77%-38.84%6
GRUPO EZENTIS, S.A. EUR Other Construction & Engineering 0.089 Delayed Quote.14.84%9.88%-50.56%42
AERISON GROUP LTD AUD Other Construction & Engineering 0.155 Delayed Quote.14.81%14.81%-22.50%33
ARMATURA SA RON Industrial Valve Manufacturing 0.172 End-of-day quote.14.67%-9.47%145.71%1
A-ONE ALFORM CO., LTD. KRW Commercial Equipment Rental 263999.999868 End-of-day quote.14.66%39.13%0.00%1 387
RINO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION USD Other Environmental Services & Equi... 0.038 Delayed Quote.14.65%8.43%-15.67%11
FREIGHTCAR AMERICA, INC. USD Locomotive Engines & Rolling Stock 5.2 Delayed Quote.14.54%20.37%40.92%87
CARBONMETA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD Waste Management, Disposal & Recycl... 0.0004 Delayed Quote.14.29%0.00%0.00%7
SEALINK INTERNATIONAL BERHAD MYR Other Shipbuilding 0.08 End-of-day quote.14.29%0.00%-42.86%9
PT JAYA KONSTRUKSI MANGGALA PRAT.. IDR Other Construction & Engineering 116 End-of-day quote.13.73%22.11%-6.45%127
MIN FU INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIM.. HKD Testing & Measuring Equipment 0.58 Delayed Quote.13.73%-11.11%45.45%26
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