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GOLDEN SUN EDUCATION GROUP LIMIT.. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 52.89 Delayed Quote.92.05%76.01%0.00%971
CRUCIAL INNOVATIONS CORP. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 6 Delayed Quote.31.87%31.87%0.00%447
AMERICAN PUBLIC EDUCATION, INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 9.42 Delayed Quote.13.22%15.58%-57.66%178
JIANZHI EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY GRO.. USD Professional & Business Education 2.82 Delayed Quote.4.06%-16.57%0.00%171
LINCOLN EDUCATIONAL SERVICES COR.. USD Professional & Business Education 5.49 Delayed Quote.3.58%-9.26%-26.51%147
TARENA INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD Professional & Business Education 6.34 Delayed Quote.2.42%1.28%244.57%70
GENIUS GROUP LIMITED USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 2.2 Delayed Quote.1.85%-4.14%0.00%54
BRIGHT SCHOLAR EDUCATION HOLDING.. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 3.19 Delayed Quote.1.27%2.90%175.00%95
STRIDE, INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 41.01 Delayed Quote.0.69%2.31%22.20%1 708
AFYA LIMITED USD Professional & Business Education 14.14 Delayed Quote.0.28%1.22%-9.99%1 272
STRATEGIC EDUCATION, INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 62.29 Delayed Quote.0.13%-4.56%7.56%1 519
PORTER HOLDING INTERNATIONAL, IN.. USD Professional & Business Education 1.01 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-5.61%513
GAOTU TECHEDU INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 1.16 Delayed Quote.0.00%-17.14%-40.21%300
GRAND CANYON EDUCATION, INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 79.74 Delayed Quote.-0.28%-5.34%-6.71%2 510
NEW ORIENTAL EDUCATION & TECHNOL.. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 22.04 Delayed Quote.-0.54%-9.67%4.95%3 740
VASTA PLATFORM LIMITED USD Professional & Business Education 5.495 Delayed Quote.-0.81%-0.45%29.91%453
VITRU LIMITED USD Universities 19.34 Delayed Quote.-0.87%6.62%0.00%553
ADTALEM GLOBAL EDUCATION INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 35.47 Delayed Quote.-1.36%-6.23%21.65%1 603
UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, I.. USD Professional & Business Education 5.59 Delayed Quote.-1.41%-13.20%-28.52%189
GRAHAM HOLDINGS COMPANY USD School, College & University (NEC) 535.34 Delayed Quote.-1.53%-3.24%-15.00%2 592
PERDOCEO EDUCATION CORPORATION USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 10.13 Delayed Quote.-1.94%-5.33%-13.86%686
LAUREATE EDUCATION, INC. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 11.28 Delayed Quote.-2.34%-2.00%-7.84%1 857
FRANKLIN COVEY CO. USD Professional & Business Education 44.33 Delayed Quote.-2.96%-7.72%-1.47%614
TAL EDUCATION GROUP USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 4.78 Delayed Quote.-3.63%-8.95%21.63%3 101
ARCO PLATFORM LIMITED USD Professional & Business Education 11.74 Delayed Quote.-4.79%-7.27%-43.80%657
17 EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY GROUP .. USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 1.7 End-of-day quote.-6.08%-4.49%36.00%81
YUMMIES, INC. USD Professional & Business Education 5 Delayed Quote.-6.54%0.00%0.00%2 248
ATA CREATIVITY GLOBAL USD Miscellaneous Educational Service P... 1.735 Delayed Quote.-10.57%-4.14%62.07%55