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CHINA TMK BATTERY SYSTEMS INC. USD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.0938 Delayed Quote.25.03%44.05%-41.39%57
RARE ELEMENT RESOURCES LTD. USD Rare Earth Minerals 0.442 Delayed Quote.10.50%-12.48%-64.64%94
NORDIC MINING ASA NOK Rare Earth Minerals 3 Real-time Quote.7.53%5.26%-11.24%66
GRAPHENE & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES LI.. USD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.16 Delayed Quote.6.67%0.00%0.00%58
PYX RESOURCES LIMITED AUD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.95 End-of-day quote.5.56%-7.77%-41.54%272
A-MARK PRECIOUS METALS, INC. USD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 26.49 Delayed Quote.2.48%4.29%-13.29%619
ZIMPLATS HOLDINGS LIMITED AUD Platinum Mining 23.56 Delayed Quote.2.43%-3.95%0.81%1 660
ALROSA RUB Diamond Mining 66.84 End-of-day quote.2.28%3.55%-45.57%8 380
EURO MANGANESE INC. CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.24 Delayed Quote.2.13%-17.24%0.00%71
WESIZWE PLATINUM LIMITED ZAR Platinum Mining 1.05 End-of-day quote.1.94%-1.87%-6.25%95
KOREA ZINC COMPANY, LTD. KRW Other Precious Metals & Minerals 614000 End-of-day quote.1.66%4.42%20.16%8 084
ASAKA RIKEN CO.,LTD. JPY Other Precious Metals & Minerals 1770 Delayed Quote.1.61%-8.20%49.62%63
NEVADA KING GOLD CORP. CAD Rare Earth Minerals 0.325 Delayed Quote.1.56%-14.47%-9.72%67
TEXAS MINERAL RESOURCES CORP. USD Rare Earth Minerals 1.92 Delayed Quote.1.05%-1.54%-2.54%141
IONIC RARE EARTHS LIMITED AUD Rare Earth Minerals 0.042 Delayed Quote.0.00%-6.67%-8.70%106
ARAFURA RESOURCES LIMITED AUD Rare Earth Minerals 0.38 Delayed Quote.0.00%4.11%80.95%429
IMPALA CANADA LTD. CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals Delayed Quote.0.00%-0.05%82.85%881
THARISA PLC ZAR Platinum Mining 21.31 End-of-day quote.-0.65%-2.61%-21.07%356
THINTECH MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO.. TWD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 27.15 End-of-day quote.-0.73%-2.69%-20.73%63
RAINBOW RARE EARTHS LIMITED GBX Rare Earth Minerals 10.625 Delayed Quote.-1.16%-2.30%-38.85%61
EMERITA RESOURCES CORP. CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.84 Delayed Quote.-1.18%5.00%-71.81%126
FURUYA METAL CO., LTD. JPY Other Precious Metals & Minerals 8710 Delayed Quote.-1.36%-3.97%-27.84%424
SHENGHE RESOURCES HOLDING CO., L.. CNY Rare Earth Minerals 16.1 End-of-day quote.-1.59%3.47%-17.94%3 959
ADRIATIC METALS PLC AUD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 2.14 Delayed Quote.-1.83%-4.04%-12.65%373
VOX ROYALTY CORP. CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 3.1 End-of-day quote.-1.90%4.03%-10.92%101
CHINA KINGS RESOURCES GROUP CO.,.. CNY Rare Earth Minerals 36.22 End-of-day quote.-1.98%-0.77%39.96%2 182
SINO-PLATINUM METALS CO.,LTD CNY Other Precious Metals & Minerals 15.63 End-of-day quote.-2.07%2.02%-38.59%1 296
SUPER DRAGON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD TWD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 18.85 End-of-day quote.-2.08%-3.83%9.28%61
CHINA NORTHERN RARE EARTH (GROUP.. CNY Rare Earth Minerals 28.73 End-of-day quote.-2.25%1.38%-37.27%14 571
SYLVANIA PLATINUM LIMITED GBX Platinum Mining 91.5 Delayed Quote.-2.66%-6.63%3.39%266
HASTINGS TECHNOLOGY METALS LIMIT.. AUD Rare Earth Minerals 4.11 Delayed Quote.-2.84%-3.29%-20.96%314
SILVER MINES LIMITED AUD Silver Mining 0.17 Delayed Quote.-2.86%0.00%-22.73%144
CHINA MINMETALS RARE EARTH CO., .. CNY Other Precious Metals & Minerals 27.27 End-of-day quote.-2.88%11.95%-30.11%3 753
LYNAS RARE EARTHS LIMITED AUD Rare Earth Minerals 7.86 Delayed Quote.-2.96%0.77%-22.71%4 656
ROYAL BAFOKENG PLATINUM LIMITED ZAR Platinum Mining 139 End-of-day quote.-3.02%-5.54%-11.08%2 247
CHINA RARE EARTH HOLDINGS LIMITE.. HKD Rare Earth Minerals 0.45 Delayed Quote.-3.23%7.14%-52.63%134
CHUGAI MINING CO., LTD. JPY Other Precious Metals & Minerals 28 Delayed Quote.-3.45%-3.45%-3.45%56
LUCARA DIAMOND CORPORATION CAD Diamond Mining 0.56 Delayed Quote.-3.45%-5.08%-5.08%187
GEMFIELDS GROUP LIMITED ZAR Semiprecious Gem Stones 3.6 End-of-day quote.-3.49%3.45%18.42%238
SIERRA RUTILE HOLDINGS LIMITED AUD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.27 Delayed Quote.-3.57%-10.00%0.00%75
HPQ SILICON INC. CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.26 Delayed Quote.-3.70%-10.34%-43.48%67
BURGUNDY DIAMOND MINES LIMITED AUD Diamond Mining 0.24 End-of-day quote.-4.00%0.00%0.00%54
PETRA DIAMONDS LIMITED GBX Diamond Mining 110 Delayed Quote.-4.35%-4.35%48.65%234
PENSANA PLC GBX Rare Earth Minerals 44.4 Delayed Quote.-4.62%-10.93%-55.17%108
EURASIA MINING PLC GBX Other Precious Metals & Minerals 5 Delayed Quote.-4.76%-20.00%-79.59%156
PAN AMERICAN SILVER CORP. CAD Silver Mining 20.13 Delayed Quote.-4.91%-3.59%-36.22%3 124
PEAK RARE EARTHS LIMITED AUD Rare Earth Minerals 0.48 Delayed Quote.-4.95%-12.73%-43.20%65
AURORA OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. CNY Semiprecious Gem Stones 1.7 End-of-day quote.-5.03%-10.05%1.80%293
SOUTHERN PALLADIUM LIMITED AUD Platinum Mining 1.01 Delayed Quote.-5.16%-3.35%0.00%59
GENERATION MINING LIMITED CAD Other Precious Metals & Minerals 0.54 Delayed Quote.-5.26%-11.48%-47.57%72
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