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FLEETWOOD LIMITED AUD Other Homebuilding 1.545 Delayed Quote.6.19%1.04%-41.33%89
PRASHKOVSKY INVESTMENTS AND CONS.. ILS Other Homebuilding 100.8 End-of-day quote.5.88%-7.01%-21.06%599
SUMITOMO FORESTRY CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 2314 Delayed Quote.1.94%3.16%2.74%3 133
TOKEN CORPORATION JPY Other Homebuilding 8330 Delayed Quote.0.85%5.10%-12.80%767
AZORIM-INVESTMENT, DEVELOPMENT &.. ILS Other Homebuilding 11.89 End-of-day quote.0.85%-7.47%-36.11%708
URBAS GRUPO FINANCIERO, S.A. EUR Other Homebuilding 0.0125 Delayed Quote.0.81%-3.85%-7.41%535
VASCON ENGINEERS LIMITED INR Other Homebuilding 28.1 Delayed Quote.0.72%-0.89%-1.24%74
SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 1863 Delayed Quote.0.70%3.60%-4.27%5 573
DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 3042 Delayed Quote.0.70%1.59%-7.98%13 681
TAMA HOME CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 2383 Delayed Quote.0.51%2.27%3.42%480
ROTEM SHANI ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND.. ILS Other Homebuilding 15 End-of-day quote.0.40%-1.64%-16.43%59
SEKISUI HOUSE, LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 2492.5 Delayed Quote.0.34%3.66%0.85%11 352
DA-LI DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. TWD Other Homebuilding 26.45 End-of-day quote.0.19%-0.19%-13.14%324
PIK-SPECIALIZED HOMEBUILDER RUB Other Homebuilding 757 End-of-day quote.0.01%2.02%-31.80%8 237
TOIVO GROUP OYJ EUR Other Homebuilding 1.8 Delayed Quote.0.00%-3.23%-38.25%98
NAC CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 937 Delayed Quote.0.00%1.85%-2.60%145
SOCOVESA S.A. CLP Other Homebuilding 110 End-of-day quote.0.00%1.05%-5.17%143
SERVICIOS CORPORATIVOS JAVER, S... MXN Other Homebuilding 15.86 End-of-day quote.0.00%0.00%0.00%222
ETALON GROUP PLC USD Other Homebuilding 0.2025 Delayed Quote.0.00%-61.06%-81.42%161
SPRINGFIELD PROPERTIES PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 92.5 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-37.07%123
DREAM FINDERS HOMES, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 11.05 Delayed Quote.-0.09%4.34%-43.19%1 025
PULTEGROUP, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 40.86 Delayed Quote.-0.32%3.60%-28.52%9 459
HELIOPOLIS CO. FOR HOUSING & DEV.. EGP Other Homebuilding 5.84 End-of-day quote.-0.34%1.57%-12.97%397
ALMOGIM HOLDINGS LTD. ILS Other Homebuilding 6.617 End-of-day quote.-0.65%-6.62%-32.38%70
NAGAWA CO., LTD. JPY Other Homebuilding 7640 Delayed Quote.-0.65%6.88%-31.84%835
TAYLOR MORRISON HOME CORPORATION USD Other Homebuilding 25.87 Delayed Quote.-0.77%13.55%-25.43%2 940
ADVANCETEK ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. TWD Other Homebuilding 28.5 End-of-day quote.-0.87%-1.55%23.91%330
CENTURY COMMUNITIES, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 46.85 Delayed Quote.-1.31%5.04%-42.72%1 512
D.R. HORTON, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 72.81 Delayed Quote.-1.33%2.07%-32.86%25 300
TOLL BROTHERS, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 45.36 Delayed Quote.-1.37%5.37%-37.34%5 141
KB HOME USD Other Homebuilding 28.37 Delayed Quote.-1.39%5.11%-36.58%2 473
CAIRN HOMES PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 74.8 Delayed Quote.-1.58%0.54%-21.43%582
SANYO HOMES CORPORATION JPY Other Homebuilding 710 Delayed Quote.-1.66%1.73%-3.95%55
DOM DEVELOPMENT S.A. PLN Other Homebuilding 94 Delayed Quote.-1.88%10.88%-20.17%490
TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 92.76 Delayed Quote.-1.92%1.98%-47.15%3 676
THE BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 3395 Delayed Quote.-2.05%2.72%-28.90%4 161
COUNTRYSIDE PARTNERSHIPS PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 205.4 Delayed Quote.-2.19%-0.10%-54.36%1 154
GREEN BRICK PARTNERS, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 23.2 Delayed Quote.-2.56%14.31%-21.50%1 068
BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 352.9 Delayed Quote.-2.70%-4.80%-52.82%4 011
CREST NICHOLSON HOLDINGS PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 194.8 Delayed Quote.-2.79%4.67%-47.63%562
PERSIMMON PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 1266.5 Delayed Quote.-2.84%1.32%-55.65%4 548
BEAZER HOMES USA, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 11.06 Delayed Quote.-2.90%13.67%-50.95%336
REDROW PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 410.6 Delayed Quote.-2.98%-1.91%-41.41%1 538
LGI HOMES, INC. USD Other Homebuilding 87.825 Delayed Quote.-3.01%5.20%-43.15%2 044
BELLWAY P.L.C. GBX Other Homebuilding 1768.5 Delayed Quote.-3.07%4.68%-46.99%2 455
SKYLINE CHAMPION CORPORATION USD Other Homebuilding 58.08 Delayed Quote.-3.12%14.96%-24.09%3 304
MJ GLEESON PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 410 Delayed Quote.-3.53%-3.76%-45.77%269
BESQAB AB (PUBL) SEK Other Homebuilding 90 Delayed Quote.-4.26%1.29%-49.19%126
JM AB (PUBL) SEK Other Homebuilding 150.4 Delayed Quote.-4.33%-0.69%-61.53%916
VISTRY GROUP PLC GBX Other Homebuilding 603 Delayed Quote.-4.36%-2.03%-49.07%1 480