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CHYKINGYOUNG INVESTMENT DEVELOPM.. USD Other Leisure & Recreation 1.6 Delayed Quote.17.65%-19.60%0.00%508
YATRA ONLINE, INC. USD Travel Agents 2.565 Delayed Quote.13.00%20.42%48.27%138
BIRMINGHAM SPORTS HOLDINGS LIMIT.. HKD Professional Sports Venues 0.07 Delayed Quote.11.11%5.00%-31.52%155
F45 TRAINING HOLDINGS INC. USD Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 3.63 Delayed Quote.9.67%51.14%-69.61%318
EASY TRIP PLANNERS LIMITED INR Travel Agents 408.05 End-of-day quote.6.53%9.06%51.56%1 090
TRIP.COM GROUP LIMITED USD Travel Agents 30.24 Delayed Quote.5.40%3.72%16.53%18 412
THE GYM GROUP PLC GBX Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 118.2 Delayed Quote.5.16%3.87%-53.56%229
FAST FITNESS JAPAN INCORPORATED JPY Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 1431 Delayed Quote.5.07%-5.42%-51.25%176
KNOWLEDGE MARINE & ENGINEERING W.. INR Marinas 684.3 End-of-day quote.4.99%9.00%377.53%86
SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL-FUTEB.. EUR Professional Sports Venues 0.83 Real-time Quote.4.80%3.75%-6.74%53
POLY CULTURE GROUP CORPORATION L.. HKD Theatres & Performing Arts 3.46 Delayed Quote.4.53%-4.34%-29.57%104
INSPIRATO INCORPORATED USD Other Leisure & Recreation 2.55 End-of-day quote.4.51%2.00%-74.75%134
PT BALI BINTANG SEJAHTERA TBK IDR Other Leisure & Recreation 294 End-of-day quote.4.26%-4.55%-51.80%111
ISSTA LINES LTD. ILS Travel Agents 94.52 End-of-day quote.4.17%-4.31%5.00%421
LEEJAM SPORTS COMPANY SAR Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 82.3 End-of-day quote.3.65%6.47%-24.50%1 107
KNT-CT HOLDINGS CO., LTD. JPY Travel Agents 1789 Delayed Quote.3.11%-6.32%26.83%334
NIPPON SKI RESORT DEVELOPMENT CO.. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 797 Delayed Quote.2.57%3.18%24.08%82
CURVES HOLDINGS CO., LTD. JPY Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 855 Delayed Quote.2.27%2.20%5.29%535
PALMS SPORTS AED Public Sport Facilities 9.6 End-of-day quote.2.13%-5.88%-21.44%384
YELLOW BALLOON TOUR CO., LTD. KRW Travel Agents 6490 End-of-day quote.2.04%-2.99%-55.09%71
GFL LIMITED INR Other Leisure & Recreation 70.3 End-of-day quote.2.03%3.69%-3.03%95
ARDENT LEISURE GROUP LIMITED AUD Amusement Parks and Zoos 0.54 Delayed Quote.1.89%0.00%-60.74%175
FUJI KYUKO CO., LTD. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 4530 Delayed Quote.1.80%0.92%7.35%1 611
ISRAIR GROUP LTD ILS Guided Tour Operators 1.138 End-of-day quote.1.79%-5.95%0.00%72
RAINBOW TOURS S.A. PLN Guided Tour Operators 17.48 Delayed Quote.1.75%-4.56%-28.42%52
CVC BRASIL OPERADORA E AGÊNCIA D.. BRL Other Leisure & Recreation 7 Delayed Quote.1.74%7.50%-48.73%370
TOSHO CO., LTD. JPY Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 1258 Delayed Quote.1.53%0.95%-23.63%337
TONGCHENG TRAVEL HOLDINGS LIMITE.. HKD Travel Agents 16.8 Delayed Quote.1.45%2.60%14.68%4 464
CHINA TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL INVES.. HKD Other Leisure & Recreation 1.5 Delayed Quote.1.35%-5.44%-9.74%980
HAICHANG OCEAN PARK HOLDINGS LTD.. HKD Amusement Parks and Zoos 8.02 Delayed Quote.1.26%-4.17%131.45%3 804
HOLLYWOOD BOWL GROUP PLC GBX Other Leisure & Recreation 200.5 Delayed Quote.1.26%1.88%-16.11%387
ROUND ONE CORPORATION JPY Amusement Parks and Zoos 666 Delayed Quote.1.22%-1.78%45.38%1 312
KEYHOLDER, INC. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 827 Delayed Quote.1.22%-0.85%22.17%105
KOSHIDAKA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 938 Delayed Quote.1.19%0.11%52.53%528
TOKYU RECREATION CO., LTD. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 6100 Delayed Quote.1.16%-0.33%21.05%266
YUKE'S CO.,LTD. JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 993 Delayed Quote.1.12%19.98%84.02%58
HEIWA CORPORATION JPY Golf Courses 2331 Delayed Quote.1.08%8.55%25.29%1 621
ARGO YACHTS DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. TWD Marinas 37.6 End-of-day quote.1.08%0.40%-17.18%121
WUHAN DDMC CULTURE & SPORTS CO.,.. CNY Other Leisure & Recreation 1.9 End-of-day quote.1.06%4.40%-71.64%156
DESPEGAR.COM, CORP. USD Travel Agents 6.72 Delayed Quote.1.05%12.00%-31.36%440
SATS ASA NOK Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 7.1 Real-time Quote.1.00%-3.70%-66.68%136
ORIENTAL LAND CO., LTD. JPY Amusement Parks and Zoos 19985 Delayed Quote.0.93%-1.27%2.14%44 937
PIA CORPORATION JPY Other Leisure & Recreation 3360 Delayed Quote.0.90%-0.29%0.30%357
RENAISSANCE,INCORPORATED JPY Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers 954 Delayed Quote.0.85%-3.59%-15.70%123
THOMAS COOK (INDIA) LIMITED INR Travel Agents 73.7 End-of-day quote.0.82%0.48%23.97%420
ALLOT LTD. USD Professional Sports Venues 4.19 Delayed Quote.0.72%8.05%-64.98%152
OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS GROUPE EUR Professional Sports Venues 2.82 Real-time Quote.0.71%3.30%41.00%157
HANATOUR JAPAN CO., LTD. JPY Travel Agents 1631 Delayed Quote.0.62%-12.03%137.98%141
IMAGICAAWORLD ENTERTAINMENT LIMI.. INR Amusement Parks and Zoos 33.25 End-of-day quote.0.45%-2.49%195.56%168
SHENZHEN OVERSEAS CHINESE TOWN C.. CNY Other Leisure & Recreation 4.81 End-of-day quote.0.42%-0.62%-31.68%5 435
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