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THE SANDESH LIMITED INR Other Consumer Publishing 858 End-of-day quote.20.00%18.34%15.79%82
JAGRAN PRAKASHAN LIMITED INR Book Publishing 62.7 End-of-day quote.8.95%14.21%1.21%208
HINDUSTAN MEDIA VENTURES LIMITED INR Other Consumer Publishing 58.1 End-of-day quote.7.00%2.11%-18.97%54
GYLDENDAL ASA NOK Book Publishing 560 Real-time Quote.5.66%-4.50%-13.82%126
NEWS CORPORATION USD Newspaper Publishing 18.24 Delayed Quote.5.01%-0.76%-23.76%10 134
NATION INTERNATIONAL EDUTAINMENT.. THB Other Consumer Publishing 7.55 End-of-day quote.4.86%15.27%97.64%322
CAXTON AND CTP PUBLISHERS AND PR.. ZAR Other Consumer Publishing 9 End-of-day quote.4.65%4.29%4.65%196
KADOKAWA CORPORATION JPY Other Consumer Publishing 3000 Delayed Quote.4.42%-8.21%-4.14%2 972
CULTURECOM HOLDINGS LIMITED HKD Book Publishing 0.26 Delayed Quote.4.00%4.60%-67.95%53
ALPHAPOLIS CO., LTD. JPY Other Consumer Publishing 2490 Delayed Quote.3.11%-1.02%-39.70%174
ARTNET AG EUR Digital Publishing 9 Delayed Quote.2.97%1.16%-16.76%50
MEDIA DO CO., LTD. JPY Digital Publishing 2302 Delayed Quote.2.95%4.83%-45.46%256
D. B. CORP LIMITED INR Newspaper Publishing 93.25 End-of-day quote.2.70%3.27%0.16%208
AMARIN PRINTING AND PUBLISHING P.. THB Magazine Publishing 6.25 End-of-day quote.2.46%1.63%4.17%171
S CHAND AND COMPANY LIMITED INR Book Publishing 142.9 End-of-day quote.2.25%11.95%30.32%63
COL DIGITAL PUBLISHING GROUP CO... CNY Book Publishing 9.71 End-of-day quote.2.21%8.73%-34.52%1 035
AS EKSPRESS GRUPP EUR Other Consumer Publishing 1.655 Delayed Quote.2.16%-2.41%3.85%50
NAVNEET EDUCATION LIMITED INR Other Consumer Publishing 131.55 End-of-day quote.2.06%24.63%47.89%374
AGORA S.A. PLN Other Consumer Publishing 5.5 Delayed Quote.1.85%0.75%-26.43%55
WILMINGTON PLC GBX Other Consumer Publishing 277 Delayed Quote.1.84%0.00%26.51%288
PEARSON PLC GBX Other Consumer Publishing 893.8 Delayed Quote.1.57%3.21%43.51%7 829
PT MAHAKA MEDIA TBK IDR Newspaper Publishing 278 End-of-day quote.1.46%12.10%-21.47%73
SMITHS NEWS PLC GBX Books, Newspapers & Magazines Whole... 32.25 Delayed Quote.1.42%-5.78%-15.87%92
WOONGJIN THINKBIG CO., LTD. KRW Book Publishing 2580 End-of-day quote.0.98%2.38%-18.74%222
PUNAMUSTA MEDIA OYJ EUR Book Publishing 5.5 Delayed Quote.0.92%-1.80%-0.91%70
SCHOLASTIC CORPORATION USD Book Publishing 46.07 Delayed Quote.0.81%-1.40%16.14%1 560
BUNKEIDO CO., LTD. JPY Book Publishing 1237 End-of-day quote.0.81%1.39%0.81%58
LAGARDÈRE S.A. EUR Other Consumer Publishing 17.54 Real-time Quote.0.75%-6.70%-28.59%2 502
SANOMA OYJ EUR Other Consumer Publishing 13.92 Delayed Quote.0.72%0.73%1.47%2 305
THE QUARTO GROUP, INC. GBX Other Consumer Publishing 154.5 Delayed Quote.0.65%0.00%36.44%76
PROTO CORPORATION JPY Other Consumer Publishing 1151 Delayed Quote.0.61%2.33%-16.68%342
HÜRRIYET GAZETECILIK VE MATBAACI.. TRY Newspaper Publishing 1.92 End-of-day quote.0.52%6.67%7.87%63
VISANG EDUCATION INC KRW Book Publishing 6660 End-of-day quote.0.45%1.22%-14.62%63
GYLDENDAL A/S DKK Book Publishing 462 Delayed Quote.0.43%3.14%-16.36%186
MR. BLUE CORPORATION KRW Other Consumer Publishing 6200 End-of-day quote.0.32%4.20%-32.09%118
RCS MEDIAGROUP S.P.A. EUR Other Consumer Publishing 0.729 Delayed Quote.0.28%2.39%-17.85%384
THE GOODHEART-WILLCOX COMPANY, I.. USD Other Consumer Publishing 250 Delayed Quote.0.00%8.70%66.67%112
GEDI GRUPPO EDITORIALE S.P.A. EUR Newspaper Publishing 0.4595 Delayed Quote.0.00%-0.11%0.55%266
PROMOTORA DE INFORMACIONES, S.A. EUR Book Publishing 0.45 Delayed Quote.0.00%2.27%-20.35%325
HOLIDAYCHECK GROUP AG EUR Digital Publishing 2.7 End-of-day quote.0.00%0.00%-0.37%240
WOONGJIN CO., LTD. KRW Book Publishing 1500 End-of-day quote.0.00%0.67%-12.28%92
MEDIA CHINESE INTERNATIONAL LIMI.. HKD Other Consumer Publishing 0.26 Delayed Quote.0.00%-1.89%-13.33%56
ORIENTAL ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS LIM.. HKD Newspaper Publishing 0.71 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%5.97%217
SING TAO NEWS CORPORATION LIMITE.. HKD Other Consumer Publishing 0.45 Delayed Quote.0.00%-8.16%-11.76%50
ILKKA OYJ EUR Newspaper Publishing 4.09 Delayed Quote.0.00%-0.24%-14.08%108
CENTAUR MEDIA PLC GBX Other Consumer Publishing 46.5 Delayed Quote.0.00%1.09%-16.96%82
HONG KONG ECONOMIC TIMES HOLDING.. HKD Other Consumer Publishing 1.2 Delayed Quote.0.00%1.69%0.84%66
VOCENTO, S.A. EUR Newspaper Publishing 0.67 Delayed Quote.0.00%3.08%-28.72%82
TANGEL CULTURE CO., LTD. CNY Book Publishing 3.25 End-of-day quote.0.00%4.50%-39.48%402
BASTEI LÜBBE AG EUR Book Publishing 6.16 Delayed Quote.0.00%1.32%-13.24%83
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