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VALORA HOLDING AG CHF Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 259 Delayed Quote.51.46%54.72%66.24%1 170
CHEWY, INC. USD Pet & Pet Supplies Retailers 40.54 Delayed Quote.9.01%15.04%-31.25%17 051
PET CENTER COMÉRCIO E PARTICIPAÇ.. BRL Pet & Pet Supplies Retailers 10.43 Delayed Quote.8.65%-1.32%-36.29%889
SALLY BEAUTY HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 13.17 Delayed Quote.8.57%8.04%-28.66%1 402
THE HONEST COMPANY, INC. USD Beauty Supply Shop 3.29 Delayed Quote.7.87%10.40%-59.33%303
E.L.F. BEAUTY, INC. USD Beauty Supply Shop 32.89 Delayed Quote.7.41%14.96%-0.96%1 719
PARTY CITY HOLDCO INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 1.43 Delayed Quote.6.72%-2.72%-74.33%161
1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 10.13 Delayed Quote.5.63%-1.75%-56.65%654
DICK'S SPORTING GOODS, INC. USD Sporting Goods Stores 81.01 Delayed Quote.5.41%4.75%-29.55%6 524
BEAUTY GARAGE INC. JPY Beauty Supply Shop 2585 Delayed Quote.5.30%-0.45%-20.68%114
LESLIE'S, INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 15.88 Delayed Quote.4.96%-0.44%-32.88%2 903
NATIONAL VISION HOLDINGS, INC. USD Optical Goods Stores 29.44 Delayed Quote.4.77%0.31%-38.65%2 397
PETCO HEALTH AND WELLNESS COMPAN.. USD Pet & Pet Supplies Retailers 15.81 Delayed Quote.4.63%1.22%-20.11%4 196
CASH CONVERTERS INTERNATIONAL LI.. AUD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 0.235 Delayed Quote.4.44%-2.17%-16.67%96
IFAMILYSC CO., LTD. KRW Beauty Supply Shop 11650 End-of-day quote.4.02%-11.74%31.64%75
BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS CORPORATION USD Sporting Goods Stores 11.44 Delayed Quote.3.91%0.62%-39.82%251
THE ODP CORPORATION USD Office Supplies & Stationery Stores... 31.49 Delayed Quote.3.76%-1.78%-22.73%1 549
RENT-A-CENTER, INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 20.49 Delayed Quote.3.75%-14.09%-58.89%1 212
BARNES & NOBLE EDUCATION, INC. USD Book & Magazine Retailers 3.05 Delayed Quote.3.39%2.69%-55.21%159
DR. WU SKINCARE CO., LTD. TWD Beauty Supply Shop 82.9 End-of-day quote.3.11%-5.47%-17.51%125
BABY BUNTING GROUP LIMITED AUD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 4.36 Delayed Quote.3.07%-0.47%-24.73%379
SUPER RETAIL GROUP LIMITED AUD Sporting Goods Stores 8.9 Delayed Quote.2.77%-1.59%-30.50%1 324
BONJOUR HOLDINGS LIMITED HKD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 0.119 Delayed Quote.2.59%0.85%-34.97%53
LYNCH GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED AUD Florists 2.045 Delayed Quote.2.25%-4.76%-40.65%165
BARK, INC. USD Pet & Pet Supplies Retailers 1.38 Delayed Quote.2.22%-2.82%-67.30%242
PHARMASGP HOLDING SE EUR Beauty Supply Shop 24.5 Delayed Quote.2.08%0.00%-0.81%301
WINMARK CORPORATION USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 202.8 Delayed Quote.2.03%-1.89%-19.94%705
VALUENCE HOLDINGS INC. JPY Used Merchandise Stores 1863 Delayed Quote.1.86%-7.25%-27.45%173
KITS EYECARE LTD. CAD Optical Goods Stores 2.25 Delayed Quote.1.81%-3.43%-22.41%54
TREASURE FACTORY CO.,LTD. JPY Used Merchandise Stores 1240 Delayed Quote.1.47%-2.24%28.63%100
SYNSAM AB (PUBL) SEK Optical Goods Stores 60.35 Delayed Quote.1.43%1.17%-21.62%859
THE CONTAINER STORE GROUP, INC. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 6.67 Delayed Quote.1.37%-7.23%-33.17%338
ABDULLAH SAAD MOHAMMED ABO MOATI.. SAR Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 27.95 End-of-day quote.1.27%-5.41%-27.87%149
BOKUSGRUPPEN AB (PUBL) SEK Book & Magazine Retailers 43 Delayed Quote.1.18%2.38%8.31%66
MLD EUR Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 3.6 Real-time Quote.1.12%0.00%0.00%157
BIOFORCE NANOSCIENCES HOLDINGS, .. USD Health Food Stores 2.9 Delayed Quote.1.05%7.69%141.67%85
HI-GREAT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY USD Health Food Stores 1 Delayed Quote.1.01%0.00%0.00%100
NATURAL HEALTH TRENDS CORP. USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 5.06 Delayed Quote.1.00%-7.16%-25.15%57
FORMOSA OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,L.. TWD Optical Goods Stores 62.9 End-of-day quote.0.96%-0.47%5.54%127
KMD BRANDS LIMITED NZD Sporting Goods Stores 1.1 End-of-day quote.0.92%-0.90%-27.63%479
TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY USD Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 198.03 Delayed Quote.0.88%-3.28%-17.72%22 156
MUSTI GROUP OYJ EUR Pet & Pet Supplies Retailers 17.21 Delayed Quote.0.82%0.29%-44.41%587
SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE HOLDINGS, .. USD Sporting Goods Stores 10.12 Delayed Quote.0.80%1.10%-14.24%447
ALPEN CO.,LTD. JPY Sporting Goods Stores 2064 Delayed Quote.0.78%-2.06%-4.12%585
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD MYR Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 1.5 End-of-day quote.0.67%0.67%-17.58%102
XXL ASA NOK Sporting Goods Stores 5.95 Real-time Quote.0.51%-7.21%-57.80%143
BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP, INC. USD Toys & Games Retailers 16 Delayed Quote.0.38%-9.50%-18.03%245
VILLAGE VANGUARD CO.,LTD. JPY Other Miscellaneous Specialty Retai... 1072 Delayed Quote.0.28%1.33%6.90%62
BOOKOFF GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED JPY Book & Magazine Retailers 1021 Delayed Quote.0.20%1.80%1.09%146
HIMARAYA CO.,LTD. JPY Sporting Goods Stores 979 Delayed Quote.0.10%-3.74%-1.01%88
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