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AMERICA GREAT HEALTH USD Special Foods & Wellbeing Products 0.0238 Delayed Quote.98.33%74.36%-76.67%502
INNOVATIVE MEDTECH INC. USD Other Personal Services 3.49 Delayed Quote.41.87%31.70%245.54%74
GOLDEN GROWERS COOPERATIVE USD Other Food Processing 5.75 Delayed Quote.19.79%0.00%0.00%89
YATSEN HOLDING LIMITED USD Cosmetics & Perfumes 1.83 Delayed Quote.18.06%66.36%-14.88%1 156
BLUE APRON HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Food Processing 4.1 Delayed Quote.12.64%23.87%-39.08%142
ELAMEX SA DE CV USD Other Food Processing 8.7 Delayed Quote.8.75%0.00%-13.00%68
SUNOPTA INC. USD Vegan & Vegetarian Food Manufacturi... 8.35 Delayed Quote.7.33%5.43%20.14%898
BEYOND MEAT, INC. USD Vegan & Vegetarian Food Manufacturi... 25.66 Delayed Quote.7.18%0.94%-60.62%1 630
HERBALIFE NUTRITION LTD. USD Special Foods & Wellbeing Products 21.56 Delayed Quote.5.43%-6.55%-47.32%2 121
WW INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD Other Personal Services 6.73 Delayed Quote.5.32%-7.43%-58.28%473
UTZ BRANDS, INC. USD Snack Food & Non-Chocolate Confecti... 14.55 Delayed Quote.5.28%3.19%-8.78%1 175
OATLY GROUP AB USD Dairy Products 3.64 Delayed Quote.5.20%-10.78%-54.27%2 154
BRIGHT HORIZONS FAMILY SOLUTIONS.. USD Child Care & Family Services 88.75 Delayed Quote.5.00%5.62%-29.50%5 272
DOLE PLC USD Other Fishing & Farming 8.87 Delayed Quote.4.85%-1.22%-33.41%842
DARLING INGREDIENTS INC. USD Other Food Processing 62.62 Delayed Quote.4.72%-2.61%-13.70%10 114
APPHARVEST, INC. USD Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming 3.65 Delayed Quote.4.58%-6.89%-6.17%371
URBAN-GRO, INC. USD Agriculture Support Services 5.06 Delayed Quote.4.55%0.80%-51.72%54
MISTER CAR WASH, INC. USD Other Personal Services 11.34 Delayed Quote.4.23%-7.65%-37.73%3 428
H&R BLOCK, INC. USD Accounting & Tax Preparation 36.77 Delayed Quote.4.11%5.60%56.07%5 868
MU GLOBAL HOLDING LIMITED USD Personal Care Services 1.35 Delayed Quote.3.85%0.00%37.76%80
THE BOSTON BEER COMPANY, INC. USD Other Brewers 314.59 Delayed Quote.3.84%-7.82%-37.72%3 831
VILLAGE FARMS INTERNATIONAL, INC.. USD Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming 2.71 Delayed Quote.3.83%-10.26%-57.79%240
FRONTDOOR, INC. USD Other Personal Services 25 Delayed Quote.3.82%15.63%-31.79%2 053
USANA HEALTH SCIENCES, INC. USD Special Foods & Wellbeing Products 75 Delayed Quote.3.65%1.00%-25.89%1 439
NU SKIN ENTERPRISES, INC. USD Other Personal Products 44.72 Delayed Quote.3.28%-4.94%-14.68%2 245
ALBERTSONS COMPANIES, INC. USD Supermarkets & Convenience Stores 27.56 Delayed Quote.3.14%-6.13%-8.71%14 651
TURNING POINT BRANDS, INC. USD Other Tobacco 27.98 Delayed Quote.3.13%-4.54%-25.94%507
FRESH DEL MONTE PRODUCE INC. USD Other Fishing & Farming 30.41 Delayed Quote.2.98%10.78%10.18%1 454
PERFORMANCE FOOD GROUP COMPANY USD Other Food Retail & Distribution 47.34 Delayed Quote.2.96%-1.38%3.16%7 338
LUCKIN COFFEE INC. USD Other Food Retail & Distribution 12.66 Delayed Quote.2.93%6.48%34.11%3 356
CUISINE SOLUTIONS, INC. USD Frozen Food Manufacturing 16.72 Delayed Quote.2.89%10.36%37.05%395
TATTOOED CHEF, INC. USD Vegan & Vegetarian Food Manufacturi... 6.48 Delayed Quote.2.86%-7.30%-58.30%534
THE SIMPLY GOOD FOODS COMPANY USD Special Foods & Wellbeing Products 38.82 Delayed Quote.2.78%0.05%-6.62%3 896
TREEHOUSE FOODS, INC. USD Other Food Processing 42.97 Delayed Quote.2.75%5.90%3.18%2 407
THE HERSHEY COMPANY USD Other Food Processing 221 Delayed Quote.2.71%-1.35%11.21%45 439
FORAFRIC GLOBAL PLC USD Grain (Crop) Production 8.23 End-of-day quote.2.54%20.85%-18.68%228
THE JM SMUCKER COMPANY USD Other Food Processing 131.19 Delayed Quote.2.48%1.79%-3.41%13 979
POST HOLDINGS, INC. USD Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing 84.37 Delayed Quote.2.45%5.36%9.72%5 125
MISSION PRODUCE, INC. USD Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming 14.59 Delayed Quote.2.39%0.07%-7.07%1 031
RLX TECHNOLOGY INC. USD Cigars & Cigarette Manufacturing 2.18 Delayed Quote.2.35%-6.03%-44.10%3 374
THE COCA-COLA COMPANY USD Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages 64.38 Delayed Quote.2.34%1.66%6.25%279 089
OLAPLEX HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Personal Products 14.42 Delayed Quote.2.34%-7.50%-50.50%9 358
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE COMPANY USD Other Personal Products 81.97 Delayed Quote.2.28%1.98%-3.95%68 686
THE VITA COCO COMPANY, INC. USD Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages 10 Delayed Quote.2.15%-5.57%-10.47%556
MARIMED INC. USD Cannabis Product Retailers 0.48 Delayed Quote.2.13%4.35%-44.51%163
THE CLOROX COMPANY USD Other Household Products 143.9 Delayed Quote.2.07%2.24%-17.47%17 711
MOLSON COORS BEVERAGE COMPANY USD Other Brewers 55.62 Delayed Quote.2.04%-0.27%20.00%12 073
MONSTER BEVERAGE CORPORATION USD Energy Drinks 94.59 Delayed Quote.2.04%0.01%-1.51%50 102
GROCERY OUTLET HOLDING CORP. USD Other Food Retail & Distribution 43.5 Delayed Quote.2.04%0.90%53.82%4 192
MEDIFAST, INC. USD Special Foods & Wellbeing Products 184.17 Delayed Quote.2.03%-1.67%-13.81%2 113
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