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STABILIS SOLUTIONS, INC. USD LNG Transportation & Storage 6.62 Delayed Quote.12.20%-25.11%56.50%108
MARTIN MIDSTREAM PARTNERS L.P. USD LNG Transportation & Storage 3.56 Delayed Quote.9.88%-11.72%21.80%126
BROOGE ENERGY LIMITED USD Oil & Gas Storage 8.45 Delayed Quote.9.46%0.00%0.00%926
DYNAGAS LNG PARTNERS LP USD LNG Transportation & Storage 2.99 Delayed Quote.8.73%-11.01%3.46%101
GASLOG PARTNERS LP USD LNG Transportation & Storage 5.5 Delayed Quote.8.27%-3.00%29.11%274
CHENIERE ENERGY PARTNERS, L.P. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 55.4 Delayed Quote.7.53%-8.89%21.97%24 937
ENLINK MIDSTREAM, LLC USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 9 Delayed Quote.7.53%-9.46%30.62%4 009
YANCHANG PETROLEUM INTERNATIONAL.. HKD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 0.043 Delayed Quote.7.50%-8.70%-16.00%98
AWILCO LNG ASA NOK Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 6.59 Real-time Quote.7.33%-4.81%-6.12%75
CHENIERE ENERGY, INC. USD LNG Transportation & Storage 163.17 Delayed Quote.6.95%-11.60%46.86%38 109
NEXTDECADE CORPORATION USD Natural Gas Pipeline 6.39 Delayed Quote.6.68%-6.99%124.21%863
HESS MIDSTREAM LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 26.19 Delayed Quote.6.55%-4.14%-5.21%1 082
CRESTWOOD EQUITY PARTNERS LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 28.54 Delayed Quote.6.25%-1.55%3.44%2 935
ENERGY TRANSFER LP USD Natural Gas Pipeline 11.11 Delayed Quote.5.91%-12.07%27.46%32 382
KINETIK HOLDINGS INC. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 33.75 Delayed Quote.5.87%-3.57%10.10%1 368
NAVIGATOR HOLDINGS LTD. USD Sea-Borne Tankers 11.64 Delayed Quote.5.53%-3.08%24.35%852
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 13.59 Delayed Quote.5.35%-8.55%-14.42%1 423
MPLX LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 30.36 Delayed Quote.5.31%-4.38%2.60%29 182
NANJING TANKER CORPORATION CNY Sea-Borne Tankers 5.55 End-of-day quote.5.31%0.00%176.12%3 564
ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORPORATION USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 9.33 Delayed Quote.5.30%-11.58%-8.47%4 239
PBF LOGISTICS LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 18.99 Delayed Quote.5.21%9.26%68.05%1 132
HOLLY ENERGY PARTNERS, L.P. USD Oil Pipeline 16.94 Delayed Quote.5.02%-12.76%-2.18%2 039
TARGA RESOURCES CORP. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 61.1 Delayed Quote.4.98%-15.06%11.41%13 186
DT MIDSTREAM, INC. USD Natural Gas Pipeline 52.97 Delayed Quote.4.97%-4.42%10.40%4 881
DELEK LOGISTICS PARTNERS, LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 51.62 Delayed Quote.4.90%-9.26%15.17%2 140
BW LPG LIMITED NOK Sea-Borne Tankers 73.5 Real-time Quote.4.70%-0.07%40.26%868
GOLAR LNG LIMITED USD LNG Transportation & Storage 24.73 Delayed Quote.4.66%-4.52%99.60%2 548
DORIAN LPG LTD. USD Sea-Borne Tankers 14.18 Delayed Quote.4.50%-0.98%11.74%545
PLAINS GP HOLDINGS, L.P. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 11 Delayed Quote.4.27%-9.54%8.48%2 049
PLAINS ALL AMERICAN PIPELINE, L... USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 10.61 Delayed Quote.3.92%-14.06%9.31%7 126
ONEOK, INC.. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 52.94 Delayed Quote.3.84%-14.61%-13.24%22 781
EVOLVE TRANSITION INFRASTRUCTURE.. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 0.33 End-of-day quote.3.74%-2.94%-43.95%54
SUMMIT MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 14.46 Delayed Quote.3.73%-8.88%-34.86%142
MAGELLAN MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, L.P.. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 48.17 Delayed Quote.3.59%-3.35%3.73%9 657
QATAR GAS TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMI.. QAR Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 3.999 End-of-day quote.3.39%10.74%21.18%5 886
FLEX LNG LTD. NOK Sea-Borne Tankers 333.2 Real-time Quote.3.16%-4.32%63.96%1 589
KINDER MORGAN, INC. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 16.84 Delayed Quote.3.12%-3.88%6.18%36 792
WILLIAMS COMPANIES USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 29.41 Delayed Quote.3.05%-10.34%9.60%34 777
ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L.P.. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 24.05 Delayed Quote.3.00%-5.35%9.52%50 885
GREEN PLAINS PARTNERS LP USD Oil & Gas Storage 12.48 Delayed Quote.2.97%-3.48%-12.11%282
HUNTER GROUP ASA NOK Sea-Borne Tankers 2.155 Real-time Quote.2.86%2.95%-29.22%108
DCP MIDSTREAM, LP USD Natural Gas Pipeline 37.5 Delayed Quote.2.71%-1.32%36.46%7 608
GENESIS ENERGY, L.P. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 9.53 Delayed Quote.2.36%-14.99%-11.02%1 141
SEACOR MARINE HOLDINGS INC. USD Sea-Borne Tankers 5.33 Delayed Quote.2.30%-14.73%53.24%139
SFL CORPORATION LTD. USD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 9.49 Delayed Quote.2.26%-6.59%16.44%1 177
TC ENERGY CORPORATION CAD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 57.97 Delayed Quote.2.13%-8.39%-1.99%42 431
EXMAR NV EUR Sea-Borne Tankers 8.91 Real-time Quote.2.06%-0.45%107.45%480
KNOT OFFSHORE PARTNERS LP USD Sea-Borne Tankers 14.31 Delayed Quote.1.92%-7.02%7.11%491
AVANCE GAS HOLDING LTD NOK Sea-Borne Tankers 51.05 Real-time Quote.1.90%0.00%44.30%355
ENBRIDGE INC. CAD Other Oil & Gas Transportation Serv... 52.43 Delayed Quote.1.88%-5.37%4.15%75 771
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