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OPHIR ASSET MANAGEMENT PTY LTD -.. AUD Closed End Funds 2.5 End-of-day quote.6.38%3.31%-32.98%361
CHRYSALIS INVESTMENTS LIMITED GBX Closed End Funds 95 Delayed Quote.5.56%-26.79%-63.31%613
DAXOR CORPORATION USD Closed End Funds 13.8799 End-of-day quote.5.15%5.15%22.99%55
MAGELLAN GLOBAL FUND AUD Closed End Funds 1.4 End-of-day quote.4.48%6.87%-22.22%1 500
VIRTUS STONE HARBOR EMERGING MAR.. USD Closed End Funds 5.26 Delayed Quote.4.16%1.54%-32.99%52
COLUMBIA SELIGMAN PREMIUM TECHNO.. USD Closed End Funds 25.95 Delayed Quote.3.43%1.92%-29.88%414
KKR CREDIT INCOME FUND AUD Closed End Funds 1.9 Delayed Quote.3.26%-3.16%-18.94%461
SURO CAPITAL CORP. USD Closed End Funds 6.69 Delayed Quote.3.24%-0.77%-49.96%206
BLACKROCK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.. USD Closed End Funds 20.52 Delayed Quote.3.12%-0.58%-47.30%1 437
MFS MUNICIPAL INCOME TRUST USD Closed End Funds 5.58 Delayed Quote.2.95%3.63%-22.57%230
PIMCO CORPORATE & INCOME OPPORTU.. USD Closed End Funds 13.01 Delayed Quote.2.93%0.77%-21.34%1 439
PIMCO DYNAMIC INCOME OPPORTUNITI.. USD Closed End Funds 14.25 End-of-day quote.2.89%-1.38%-27.15%1 444
GLOBAL INNOVATION DIVIDEND FUND CAD Closed End Funds 11.29 End-of-day quote.2.82%-0.35%-33.59%51
NUVEEN MUNICIPAL CREDIT OPPORTUN.. USD Closed End Funds 12.58 End-of-day quote.2.78%6.34%-19.67%683
FS KKR CAPITAL CORP. USD Closed End Funds 20.34 Delayed Quote.2.73%5.23%-2.87%5 777
CLEARBRIDGE MLP AND MIDSTREAM TO.. USD Closed End Funds 26.31 End-of-day quote.2.73%1.86%11.01%974
THE ETHER FUND CAD Closed End Funds 23.68 Delayed Quote.2.73%0.30%-68.92%196
BOUSSARD & GAVAUDAN HOLDING LIMI.. EUR Closed End Funds 23.2 Real-time Quote.2.65%-0.85%-0.43%296
BNY MELLON STRATEGIC MUNICIPAL B.. USD Closed End Funds 6.45 Delayed Quote.2.54%1.94%-24.67%319
PIMCO MUNICIPAL INCOME FUND III USD Closed End Funds 9.56 Delayed Quote.2.47%4.95%-26.82%318
BLACKROCK INVESTMENT QUALITY MUN.. USD Closed End Funds 14.15 Delayed Quote.2.39%4.81%-18.44%243
ADVENT CONVERTIBLE AND INCOME FU.. USD Closed End Funds 12.5 Delayed Quote.2.38%0.25%-33.86%432
WESTERN ASSET MUNICIPAL PARTNERS.. USD Closed End Funds 12.93 Delayed Quote.2.38%4.53%-16.90%126
STELLUS CAPITAL INVESTMENT CORPO.. USD Closed End Funds 11.71 Delayed Quote.2.36%0.77%-10.06%229
BLACKROCK MUNIASSETS FUND, INC. USD Closed End Funds 12.4717 Delayed Quote.2.23%4.54%-16.07%468
PERSHING SQUARE HOLDINGS, LTD. USD Closed End Funds 28.95 Real-time Quote.2.12%-9.13%-31.02%5 591
MAINSTAY CBRE GLOBAL INFRASTRUCT.. USD Closed End Funds 16.22 End-of-day quote.2.08%4.65%-15.96%816
NUVEEN AMT-FREE QUALITY MUNICIPA.. USD Closed End Funds 12.12 Delayed Quote.2.02%3.95%-22.31%3 624
INDIA CAPITAL GROWTH FUND LIMITE.. GBX Closed End Funds 101.75 Delayed Quote.2.01%3.56%-15.03%117
PIMCO MUNICIPAL INCOME FUND USD Closed End Funds 11.71 Delayed Quote.2.00%6.30%-24.57%305
FIDELITY EMERGING MARKETS LIMITE.. GBX Closed End Funds 639.9 Delayed Quote.1.98%-1.35%-23.57%681
PIMCO CALIFORNIA MUNICIPAL INCOM.. USD Closed End Funds 15.95 Delayed Quote.1.98%4.45%-14.16%302
GUGGENHEIM ACTIVE ALLOCATION FUN.. USD Closed End Funds 14.48 End-of-day quote.1.97%2.26%-27.45%474
NEUBERGER BERMAN NEXT GENERATION.. USD Closed End Funds 10.11 End-of-day quote.1.92%-2.51%-41.56%775
APAX GLOBAL ALPHA LIMITED GBX Closed End Funds 174.8 Delayed Quote.1.86%-5.30%-24.41%1 003
NEUBERGER BERMAN MLP AND ENERGY .. USD Closed End Funds 6.11 End-of-day quote.1.83%2.00%16.60%337
PIONEER MUNICIPAL HIGH INCOME AD.. USD Closed End Funds 8.98 Delayed Quote.1.81%4.26%-23.64%215
GCP INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS L.. GBX Closed End Funds 111.3817 Delayed Quote.1.81%-4.37%0.92%1 152
NUVEEN NASDAQ 100 DYNAMIC OVERWR.. USD Closed End Funds 22.23 End-of-day quote.1.79%-1.55%-27.47%946
GUGGENHEIM TAXABLE MUNICIPAL BON.. USD Closed End Funds 18.45 Delayed Quote.1.77%8.47%-22.25%370
PIMCO ACCESS INCOME FUND USD Closed End Funds 16.11 End-of-day quote.1.77%3.01%0.00%695
PIMCO NEW YORK MUNICIPAL INCOME .. USD Closed End Funds 9.46 Delayed Quote.1.72%2.99%-24.33%74
WESTERN ASSET HIGH YIELD DEFINED.. USD Closed End Funds 12.39 End-of-day quote.1.72%3.77%-21.43%280
WESTERN ASSET GLOBAL HIGH INCOME.. USD Closed End Funds 7.26 Delayed Quote.1.68%-0.56%-29.38%165
BLACKSTONE LOAN FINANCING LIMITE.. EUR Closed End Funds 0.7625 Delayed Quote.1.67%-2.60%-5.36%352
MACQUARIE KOREA INFRASTRUCTURE F.. KRW Closed End Funds 12350 End-of-day quote.1.65%-5.36%-12.10%3 806
TEKLA LIFE SCIENCES INVESTORS USD Closed End Funds 14.73 Delayed Quote.1.59%2.79%-23.40%370
SEQUOIA ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE .. GBX Closed End Funds 90.2 Delayed Quote.1.58%-5.33%-17.63%1 869
ANGEL OAK DYNAMIC FINANCIAL STRA.. USD Closed End Funds 17.2989 End-of-day quote.1.58%6.00%-16.02%71
NUVEEN NEW YORK QUALITY MUNICIPA.. USD Closed End Funds 11.96 Delayed Quote.1.57%2.66%-19.13%369
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