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ABRDN JAPAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 617 Delayed Quote.4.58%3.51%-18.34%89
JUPITER GREEN INVESTMENT TRUST P.. GBX Investment Trusts 228.81 Delayed Quote.3.30%8.05%-18.57%57
DEMETRA HOLDINGS PLC EUR Investment Trusts 0.386 End-of-day quote.2.66%3.21%-7.66%78
ABRDN SMALLER COMPANIES INCOME T.. GBX Investment Trusts 278 Delayed Quote.2.58%1.31%-27.73%72
SCOTGEMS PLC GBX Investment Trusts 82 Delayed Quote.2.50%-0.70%8.96%51
MITON UK MICROCAP TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 71 Delayed Quote.2.16%2.96%-22.35%91
CT UK CAPITAL AND INCOME INVESTM.. GBX Investment Trusts 323.38 Delayed Quote.2.01%-0.31%-6.21%408
LINDSELL TRAIN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 1165.55 Delayed Quote.1.79%-7.85%-10.02%275
NORTH ATLANTIC SMALLER COMPANIES.. GBX Investment Trusts 3900 Delayed Quote.1.69%0.52%-17.02%639
US SOLAR FUND PLC GBX Investment Trusts 73.249 Delayed Quote.1.45%0.84%2.41%288
AURORA INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 215 Delayed Quote.1.18%0.00%-8.32%198
IMPAX ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETS PLC GBX Investment Trusts 482.825 Delayed Quote.1.01%1.06%-12.61%1 751
THE BRUNNER INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 1050 Delayed Quote.0.96%0.00%-6.31%533
UTILICO EMERGING MARKETS TRUST P.. GBX Investment Trusts 219 End-of-day quote.0.92%2.34%3.55%548
FIDELITY CHINA SPECIAL SITUATION.. GBX Investment Trusts 243 Delayed Quote.0.83%-1.63%-22.51%1 488
LOWLAND INVESTMENT COMPANY PLC GBX Investment Trusts 127 Delayed Quote.0.79%0.80%-5.26%409
BLACKROCK LATIN AMERICAN INVESTM.. GBX Investment Trusts 388.493 Delayed Quote.0.78%0.65%13.22%136
M&G CREDIT INCOME INVESTMENT TRU.. GBX Investment Trusts 98.043 Delayed Quote.0.76%3.07%-2.21%166
POLAR CAPITAL GLOBAL HEALTHCARE .. GBX Investment Trusts 327.432 Delayed Quote.0.75%1.25%5.69%473
FORAGER AUSTRALIAN SHARES FUND AUD Investment Trusts 1.4 End-of-day quote.0.72%3.70%-20.68%102
EDINBURGH WORLDWIDE INVESTMENT T.. GBX Investment Trusts 200.9946 Delayed Quote.0.70%-2.63%-31.76%946
HARMONY ENERGY INCOME TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 114.99 Delayed Quote.0.65%1.11%14.82%348
MURRAY INTERNATIONAL TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 1283.9 Delayed Quote.0.62%2.08%10.38%1 920
MIGO OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 338.5 Delayed Quote.0.59%0.30%-9.91%101
PACIFIC HORIZON INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBX Investment Trusts 677.4565 Delayed Quote.0.51%1.81%-22.62%743
HONEYCOMB INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 896 Delayed Quote.0.45%-2.83%-5.61%378
BAILLIE GIFFORD US GROWTH TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 190.24 Delayed Quote.0.44%-2.47%-39.39%699
GLOBAL VALUE FUND LIMITED AUD Investment Trusts 1.165 Delayed Quote.0.43%3.57%-3.73%140
ABRDN EUROPEAN LOGISTICS INCOME .. GBX Investment Trusts 104.44 Delayed Quote.0.42%-1.89%-11.11%515
ECOFIN GLOBAL UTILITIES AND INFR.. GBX Investment Trusts 239.0002 Delayed Quote.0.42%1.71%19.60%307
BLACKROCK SUSTAINABLE AMERICAN I.. GBX Investment Trusts 208.86 Delayed Quote.0.41%0.48%2.34%200
VALUE AND INDEXED PROPERTY INCOM.. GBX Investment Trusts 250.5 Delayed Quote.0.40%-0.20%2.46%130
POLAR CAPITAL GLOBAL FINANCIALS .. GBX Investment Trusts 152.582 Delayed Quote.0.38%2.29%-12.14%603
SHIRES INCOME PLC GBX Investment Trusts 272.9996 Delayed Quote.0.37%3.23%1.49%101
ABRDN NEW DAWN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 283 Delayed Quote.0.35%0.35%-11.01%361
SDCL ENERGY EFFICIENCY INCOME TR.. GBX Investment Trusts 120.82 Delayed Quote.0.35%-0.99%2.47%1 431
F&C INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 925.108 Delayed Quote.0.34%1.88%-0.43%5 745
GLOBAL DATA CENTRE GROUP AUD Investment Trusts 1.485 Delayed Quote.0.34%-0.67%-24.20%60
FIDELITY EUROPEAN TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 301 End-of-day quote.0.33%1.52%-11.60%1 480
THE BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 107.53 Delayed Quote.0.31%0.94%-12.85%1 676
ASIA DRAGON TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 444.32 Delayed Quote.0.30%0.91%-12.45%637
MAJEDIE INVESTMENTS PLC GBX Investment Trusts 185.495 Delayed Quote.0.27%1.65%-18.68%118
HIPGNOSIS SONGS FUND LIMITED GBX Investment Trusts 115.509 Delayed Quote.0.27%0.17%-7.84%1 675
JPMORGAN MULTI-ASSET GROWTH & IN.. GBX Investment Trusts 96.5 Delayed Quote.0.26%0.52%-11.47%93
METRICS MASTER INCOME TRUST AUD Investment Trusts 1.97 Delayed Quote.0.25%-0.25%-5.53%1 073
ODYSSEAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 172.1667 Delayed Quote.0.24%1.03%3.46%211
BLACKROCK GREATER EUROPE INVESTM.. GBX Investment Trusts 481.54 Delayed Quote.0.22%0.00%-30.76%590
THE BIOTECH GROWTH TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 976.838 Delayed Quote.0.19%-0.61%-17.93%476
MENHADEN RESOURCE EFFICIENCY PLC GBX Investment Trusts 107.7 Delayed Quote.0.19%0.47%-4.02%103
ALLIANCE TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 1015.5903 Delayed Quote.0.16%1.50%-1.74%3 617
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