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THE INDEPENDENT INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBX Investment Trusts 464 Delayed Quote.14.57%0.25%-27.16%255
LINDSELL TRAIN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 1282.5 Delayed Quote.4.69%3.81%-3.73%297
FORAGER AUSTRALIAN SHARES FUND AUD Investment Trusts 1.33 End-of-day quote.3.91%0.38%-24.65%94
INVESCO PERPETUAL SELECT TRUST P.. GBX Investment Trusts 171.5 Delayed Quote.2.69%-0.30%-16.29%150
SCHRODER UK MID CAP FUND PLC GBX Investment Trusts 580 Delayed Quote.2.47%-2.41%-20.06%237
GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 288 Delayed Quote.2.13%-1.74%-3.09%100
INDIA INFRASTRUCTURE TRUST INR Investment Trusts 100 End-of-day quote.2.04%0.00%-0.99%835
FUNDSMITH EMERGING EQUITIES TRUS.. GBX Investment Trusts 1195 Delayed Quote.1.70%2.17%-13.92%374
FIDELITY EUROPEAN TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 301 End-of-day quote.1.69%1.18%-11.60%1 494
ABERDEEN DIVERSIFIED INCOME AND .. GBX Investment Trusts 98.8 Delayed Quote.1.65%-0.41%-3.28%364
ARTEMIS ALPHA TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 318 Delayed Quote.1.60%-2.80%-21.95%126
MAJEDIE INVESTMENTS PLC GBX Investment Trusts 180.25 Delayed Quote.1.55%-2.34%-21.98%114
CT PRIVATE EQUITY TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 428.5 Delayed Quote.1.54%-4.52%-13.70%372
BLACKROCK SUSTAINABLE AMERICAN I.. GBX Investment Trusts 204 Delayed Quote.1.49%-1.47%-1.11%195
ABRDN NEW DAWN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 281 Delayed Quote.1.44%-0.54%-12.89%356
THE SCOTTISH ORIENTAL SMALLER CO.. GBX Investment Trusts 1100 Delayed Quote.1.38%-2.03%-6.47%327
BLACKROCK LATIN AMERICAN INVESTM.. GBX Investment Trusts 370.5 Delayed Quote.1.37%3.84%7.34%130
SECURITIES TRUST OF SCOTLAND PLC GBX Investment Trusts 231 Delayed Quote.1.32%-0.87%-1.72%277
HENDERSON EUROPEAN FOCUS TRUST P.. GBX Investment Trusts 137.75 Delayed Quote.1.29%-0.37%-16.44%352
DOWNING RENEWABLES & INFRASTRUCT.. GBX Investment Trusts 117.5 Delayed Quote.1.29%0.00%12.08%172
HENDERSON HIGH INCOME TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 170.5 Delayed Quote.1.19%-1.46%-5.07%265
JPMORGAN CLAVERHOUSE INVESTMENT .. GBX Investment Trusts 690 Delayed Quote.1.17%-0.15%-11.66%495
JPMORGAN CHINA GROWTH & INCOME P.. GBX Investment Trusts 362.5 Delayed Quote.1.12%-1.51%-27.58%361
THE EUROPEAN SMALLER COMPANIES T.. GBX Investment Trusts 146 Delayed Quote.1.04%2.48%-19.27%702
HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL INCOME T.. GBX Investment Trusts 171.75 Delayed Quote.1.03%-2.44%-2.02%404
METRICS MASTER INCOME TRUST AUD Investment Trusts 1.99 Delayed Quote.1.02%-1.01%-5.29%1 083
THE NORTH AMERICAN INCOME TRUST .. GBX Investment Trusts 306 Delayed Quote.0.99%1.34%8.21%515
GREENCOAT UK WIND PLC GBX Investment Trusts 163.5 Delayed Quote.0.93%3.78%15.22%4 548
DUNEDIN ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT TR.. GBX Investment Trusts 498 Delayed Quote.0.91%2.39%4.33%79
HONEYCOMB INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 906 Delayed Quote.0.89%-0.55%-4.97%384
MARLIN GLOBAL LIMITED NZD Investment Trusts 1.14 End-of-day quote.0.88%0.88%-22.97%143
M&G CREDIT INCOME INVESTMENT TRU.. GBX Investment Trusts 92.6 Delayed Quote.0.87%1.21%-7.74%158
AMATI AIM VCT PLC GBX Investment Trusts 139.5 Delayed Quote.0.72%1.47%-24.11%255
HIPGNOSIS SONGS FUND LIMITED GBX Investment Trusts 114 Delayed Quote.0.71%2.54%-9.44%1 661
INVESCO ASIA TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 329 Delayed Quote.0.61%-1.36%-7.37%265
BARINGS EMERGING EMEA OPPORTUNIT.. GBX Investment Trusts 556 Delayed Quote.0.54%2.60%-27.81%80
STRATEGIC EQUITY CAPITAL PLC GBX Investment Trusts 296.5 Delayed Quote.0.51%1.20%-6.94%196
JPMORGAN ELECT PLC ­- MANAGED GR.. GBX Investment Trusts 985 End-of-day quote.0.51%0.77%-11.26%331
ABRDN EQUITY INCOME TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 332 Delayed Quote.0.45%4.59%-7.16%192
HARMONY ENERGY INCOME TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 112.5 Delayed Quote.0.45%-0.22%12.56%344
ABRDN JAPAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBX Investment Trusts 590 Delayed Quote.0.43%-2.08%-18.69%89
JPMORGAN GLOBAL EMERGING MARKETS.. GBX Investment Trusts 123.5 Delayed Quote.0.41%0.41%-15.32%442
CALEDONIA INVESTMENTS PLC GBX Investment Trusts 3800 Delayed Quote.0.40%1.75%-7.00%2 485
VALUE AND INDEXED PROPERTY INCOM.. GBX Investment Trusts 249 Delayed Quote.0.40%-0.40%1.85%130
THE LAW DEBENTURE CORPORATION P... GBX Investment Trusts 777 Delayed Quote.0.39%0.13%-3.13%1 183
JPMORGAN US SMALLER COMPANIES IN.. GBX Investment Trusts 383.5 Delayed Quote.0.39%1.06%-18.20%301
ABRDN EUROPEAN LOGISTICS INCOME .. GBX Investment Trusts 103 Delayed Quote.0.39%-0.77%-12.31%512
SHIRES INCOME PLC GBX Investment Trusts 267.5 Delayed Quote.0.38%0.76%-0.56%100
LIFE SCIENCE REIT PLC GBX Investment Trusts 94.4609 Delayed Quote.0.38%1.73%-7.06%399
SCHRODERS INVESTMENT TRUSTS - SC.. GBX Investment Trusts 418 Delayed Quote.0.36%1.34%-17.69%547
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